Fluffy Football

Football has always been an aggressive, violent game. Taking hard hits away from football would be like taking wheels off a car, it just wouldn’t be the same. With increasing health complications, a group of overprotective moms and some others have pushed for changes to the game. In the NFL, they have moved kickoffs forward so less of them are ran out and replaced with touch backs. Personally, I think this is beyond stupid because the first kickoff is one of the most exciting parts of a football game and it gets ruined because kickers can easily kick it way out of the end zone. But this isn’t where people are going to stop.

For a while now, new rules have been implemented each season to hope to get rid of some of the hits that cause concussions and other injuries. ONe of them is that you have to keep your head up when you hit, or there will be a fifteen yard penalty. This is one that I agree with because it can hurt the hitter just as much as the other player that receives the hit. Another rule is that you can't hit a player from the side or behind. In football terms this is called a “blindside” block or hit because the receiver can not possibly see it coming. I believe that this rule is kind of tricky though because sometimes the only other option is to let the defender go and hit the runner which could prevent a gain of yards or a score. These rules are put in place to keep everyone safe, but pretty soon there will be so many limitations that it wont even seem like football anymore.

The problem I have with this is; you know what you’re signing up for. Parents know what their kids are going to experience and if they want to take the chance then don’t get mad when your kid gets a concussion. I just think that the aspect of changing the game is pretty stupid honestly. Flag football was invented to combat this so if you don’t like the physicality of football, then play flag and get out of the way. The people who want to change the rules might have good intentions, but it will ruin the game for the rest of us.

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