5 Things to consider for painting your home

Are you planning to buy wall paints for your house in Nepal? There are many aspects to take care of before you start painting. Instead of rushing to the paint store, it would be sensible to understand the basic things about painting such as quality products, proper surface preparation, and proper application, unless you are a painting expert yourself. We have tried to list five such aspects of painting your home that would require attention.

1. Quality over cost

While choosing paints, always go for high quality paints over a cheap one. Cheap paints which you will find in Nepal might cost you less, but definitely would not last long or offer the same finish or protection. Quality paints not only last longer but keep your walls safe from possible damages besides making them appear beautiful. Not only are the high quality paints durable, they are impressive with surface coverage, sufficing a few coats.

2. Wise choice of color

See how you want to paint the room. If you want to open up a room and make it look bigger, use lighter hues, but if you want to add depth or warmth to the room and if the room has abundant lights, go for darker shades. You can also create an accent wall with a darker color to create the visual interest. Choose the color that also matches with the surrounding of your home in Nepal and blends with or complements it.

3. Estimation of paint

Make a prior estimation of the amount of paint you would need. You can use the “Paint budget calculator” of Asian Paints Nepal in its website (https://www.asianpaintsnepal.com) in “try and decide” section. All you need to provide is the dimension of the room and select paint products. You can get the approximate amount of paint you would need to paint your interiors, exteriors or both. The simple formula is to get the sum total of the surface area to be painted and multiply it with the surface area coverage factor mentioned in the packaging of paint.

4. Get sample paint

Instead of imagining the paint of your choice on the walls, grab some sample paint from the store and paint a small section of the wall that goes unnoticed. See how that color goes with the surrounding of the room and observe it in different lighting condition as well. You can also upload the picture of your room in the Asian Paints Nepal Website in the color visualiser option, selecting the color you want, and see if it looks like your dream color.

5. Right equipment

Get 2-inch angled sash brush and 3-inch trim brush with long and dense bristles to paint. If you are using latex paint, choose one made up of nylon and if you are using oil-based paint, select a natural one. Get rollers, with 3/8 inch nap if you are painting rough surfaces and 1/4 to 3/8 inch or thicker nap for smooth surfaces.

Happy painting.

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