What mistakes to avoid while deciding to paint?

Adam Lee
Adam Lee
Sep 27 · 2 min read

Paints you choose for your walls play a huge role in how your painting jobs end up looking like. Along with that, your creativity and technique decide the results as well. However, there are chances you may not get the desired outcomes if there are mistakes. It also depends on how drastic the change in your decoration is. Therefore, in Nepal, it is a must to prevent mistakes by identifying the possibilities beforehand. Read on to know what they are.

1. Trend over personal preference

Even though they can be awesome, you cannot guarantee that color trend to last long. If you are choosing shades just for that sole reason, there is chance you might regret. Go with it only if it matches your preferences. If not, create your own adding touch of Nepal and your community.

2. Ignoring natural light

People tend to ignore how natural light affects the sheen of the wall colors. They fail to understand how it gives same effect at different lighting conditions. The bold in the day might look gloomy in the other times. You should better get the color patches, hang it on the wall and observe it throughout the day and then decide.

If the room is shadowy, go with the brighter shades.

3. Unmatched floor color

We might ignore the floor while taking care of walls but both needs to be in sync. Maybe even more than furniture and other artifacts. Carpets you lay may add more link to the wall.

4. Sticking with Neutral

Neutral colors are applicable in so many places. However, it is always fun to experiment and pick a different one from the color wheel, rather than leaving the walls plain to add character to it.

5. Two or more tones

If you are painting an open space, it is better to stick with a single tone as multiple hues at one place might create an awkward impact. If you need to divide it compulsorily, the color used should be only slightly different or the structure may be modified to create a logical shift in color.

6. Overmatching

When it comes to budget or judgments on wall colors, people are tempted to paint everything in same color including furniture. To avoid relatively bland effect, turning the sight into a boring one, you can mix and match colors and experiment. Though, experiments do not mean going wild on walls.

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