is this real or am I dreaming?

O’ Heavens, let it rain, it melts… into wonder

I wanted some way to explain that the message here, the one this letter is really about…

… it’s purpose is truly enlightenment.


I know Christmas is coming, believe me… I know. I should probably have some great happy thing to share with you — we’re going to have to settle on both proof of Creation and Heaven. At home her, things are not great right now, I think our world is plagued by a number of problems that aren’t really our fault — and yet here we are not doing very much to make it better. I know these problems come from our future — or the one that didn’t have them here, and instead wound up making it themselves; here we…

On the corner of First and Amistad, you found me. From the beginning…

Without doubt, this is the most important moment in your entire life — well, I at least have been waiting for this moment to arrive; please read this letter, try to understand what I am presenting; this is life and death… Heaven or Hell… for everyone. Remind yourself, God does not play dice with the Universe. If you are most interested in my proof of the voice of God echoing through time and rock ‘n roll, you might want to head over to the place where I…


oh, and dancing… B #tellingitlikeitis

actual dancing. #messagefromstarfleet

#re #creation

i’ll probably grab your butt. #hereweare


Everything was made to be broken… I hope you will understand. I really don’t like this planet, there’s frankly very little about it that seems appealing to me. Lots of that is something we were born into, like a place where racism and hate are the “norm,” and from there lots of it is you, too. I mean, we aren’t really doing anything about it are we?

I stand before the world with pretty decent proof that our civilization was created in a storm of time travel. Religion is the basis for this, it’s a message that has now…

Point in fact, we are all just about to be. Have I mentioned that I’m single?

Quite a long road to get here, you and i, where we finally see eye to eye… but this appears to be the name you have chosen for me. At least, that’s what this “darkness” or the quiet before the storm is really telling me… so to end it and set us free — I will take it gladly.

You should know something, I have a secret that I’ve kept from the entire world until this very moment… and in one way of looking…

I’ve sent out a big part of a message, of the things I’ve sent I believe you have almost everything you could possibly need… and I know well that even without me, if the things that I have suggested were openly discussed and then a path similar to what I’ve suggested is taken that the thing that I am today calling “saving the best for last” would have been easily seen, very easy to understand… and in my beliefs possible to implement — using the hidden technology which I have talked about and know that the message all around us…

The third time is the charm,

I would never have chosen 9/11 as “my day,” know that with all your minds. It is a day to remember, and it is a day which gives us an opportunity not to fall into darkness — one which needs to be clearly understood as a mistake, a prophesy fulfilled in vain. It is the focus of Exodus, and of Revelation 1:20, 20:1… and Ecclesiastes 9:11… it is an embodiment of the slavery which I am trying my damnedest to destroy.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the Sun of…

Adam Marshall Dobrin

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