Just when you thought the day was lost, I have to confess I saved the best for last.

I’ve sent out a big part of a message, of the things I’ve sent I believe you have almost everything you could possibly need… and I know well that even without me, if the things that I have suggested were openly discussed and then a path similar to what I’ve suggested is taken that the thing that I am today calling “saving the best for last” would have been easily seen, very easy to understand… and in my beliefs possible to implement — using the hidden technology which I have talked about and know that the message all around us makes clear to exist. I get almost no feedback, and I cannot do the things that I see evidence of happening — or I would have done them — so to me even though I know I have and have delivered verifiable evidence of their existence… they are in my mind still in the realm of “sci-fi fantasy,” even though I’ve experienced them first hand in addition to seeing the evidence throughout our history. Because I feel this way, I am fairly sure that nearly everyone else would at the very least think they are fantastical if not fantasy, and so as I wrote down a good portion of the ideas I felt as if I would be… perhaps mocked if not… wrong about what I think should be done because I really don’t know what anyone else thinks should be in a place where we have access to do it. I am speaking directly about DAVIDEO, which I like to think is an idea that I had myself, though seeing the joiner between the name DAVID and Disney & Michael Jackson’s Captain EO — it’s clear that this idea predates me in the message that is mostly written before I was born, and nearly all written before I became aware of it — though I see it continuing today in everything around us still — from music about the “run” which is clearly (to me) highlighted thousands of years ago in the twist connection between “lam” and “run” in Islam and Koran. I see it in the continuation of the Terminator movies, and the Virtual Reality developments of the recent years. I say it’s a confession and apology because I really did save one of the things I thought to be must well thought out and useful “for last,” and I did that because I did not want to have “Monday” come… have the Second Coming actually happen and have absolutely nothing good to add to what I had already written. That was more than wrong, because as I write this I realize in addition to being a really useful idea, it is one of the more compelling examples which has defined one of the superimposed meaning of the letter “m,” which from the messenger/messiah of the message is one that shows a significant amount of thought and detail placed into something which I brought up.

That thing is that the name JERUSALEM (to me, is a place in time) defines a question, and that question is “Is J er (which mean and, really… Mr. Anderson) the USA le (the) “M.” With the boldly visible reference to the USA in the name of an ancient city, this pretty much added for me all on its own the word “map” to the list of “M.” Later, a kinda cute addition tied the double entendre of the word “legend” in relationship to legendary and to the key to a map in my suggestion (and in John Legend’s name) that J is legendary because he is the “legend” to the map.

In my book I mentioned the possibility of “subconscious voting,” and noted that I knew it was currently taking place, and that I did not think it was a “good idea” to do right away. It’s one of the things that I relate the words “the race is not to the swift to” in a personally lit example that relates to “genetic engineering” (and also to altering how we think), which is clear to me in the fact that significantly altering our DNA would make us unable to reproduce — and lead to… a lack of life. That’s my.. goto “why not to move to fast” when adopting technology… however in relation to Jesus and Heaven, and the current field of neuroscience and virtual reality… a huge portion of religion cautions against moving directly to a place without biology — only uploading our minds to achieve longer life, and winding up in a place where either a “last supper” has occurred or we wind up in a land of “flowing milk and honey.” The religious connection there is to a Golden Cow and Judah Maccabees — and a place where we no longer have the robust stable ecosystem which has thus far supported the continued existence of life. Less discussed in my personal story and not even mentioned to the world (I don’t think, until recently maybe) is the fact that this event of “uploading our minds” is … in a similar manner to the technology related to it … one of the biggest changes in environment that not only our species but all life has ever embarked on. Highlighted brightly in my story and in a significant amount of Biblical light is the worth of biological life (and this is a well known scientific concept… so I mean, my understanding is that were the rest of my message actually received by the world, this “idea” would come up naturally — and it probably already has) specifically in adapting to change in environment and surviving. The particular point that relates to … this piece of pre-planned (in the message that is in the map that is .. us and the world) specifically deals with the possible changes wrought by “uploading” our minds — even if we think we have a very good model of what the biological brain does. It relates a bit to McFly — and to seeing how God thinks in a very different manner than we do — he must be able to see and control us in a parallel manner to the way that a fly sees… hundred images at once. If anyone “is home,” this is my primary, most compelling, and ‘most true” reason to suggest that even if God came at one point from *my mind* that we are fundamentally different “people.”

In my story, as well as in the “Plague of Darkness” which is clearly affecting … nearly everyone (and with thought has been for our entire lives, as we simply did not see or understand that … from nearly every word to the clear information provided by religion that time travel exists and is the “source” of our civilization) this directly relates to a concept that I have been shown in the one or more “identities” which I sometimes have contact with. They appear to “lock” certain decisions our beliefs in place artificially, and an example of how this might be something “obviously” good would be locking a desire not to do drugs, or a desire not to be racist. On the other hand, locking a belief that Adam cannot be the messiah, or one could not exist, might not work out so well. On a more broad scale, locking everyone from realizing that time travel exists, or that religion provides a (somewhat hidden and obvious at the same time) verifiable proof of the creation of civilization appears to have been… done. Similarly, which I know that many people read these emails, there appears to be a lock keeping people from reading the source (or linked to material). The particular item I am mentioning did not appear in “that stuff” and so even though almost nobody has read any of it up to now, I am apologizing because I thought it was inappropriately “futuristic” or … wouldn’t be needed yet. It is such a fundamentally important (and maybe it’s an obvious thing that everyone together would also have come up with — btw that “path” is my personal belief of where all of the “light” and “technology” that I appear to know about comes from… and that too I think is “obvious.”) I’ve only recently put together how all these things might tie together, and how it might be a solution to the “voting idea” as well as the “darkness” and just how important talking about it (and ensuring you have it) really is.

I believe that *half hidden* in twilight, and yet clearly and boldly actualized here… the United States is a map to a more perfect world, to a near utopia or a democracy. Just like VR is sorta-kinda clearly obviously related to Heaven… so here too democracy is obviously related to a more perfect government; and a huge portion of the message I wrote (and something I think is a fairly “big deal”) revolves around the fact that democracy has not really evolved well with technology between the time of the Pony Express and the development of better communication like the telephone and internet. I see this as an “intentional highlight” something that is done so that we will very much see that something obvious has not happened, and relate it to the kind of “darkness” that you might relate to not clicking on a link in an email, but on a … global scale. While I suggested very firmly that the connection between the Die Bold voting machines and the indictation of foreknowledge of font face and font style in the words of the “Burning Bush,” The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, where “the strong” is die bold in german and “HTML,” I didn’t really elaborate more on how this might be done other than suggesting that we should probably be voting more frequently and having many more “refferendums” than we currently do. I thought this was so fundamental to the message that my last book has as it’s subtitle “The Race is not to Die Bold,” indicating that we wouldn’t want the voting machine as President.


In my interaction with Jacob, who I think is the “other Adam” of Two Princes, this is the name that I gave to this information… which came to us both from another “identity” who actually called himself Adam. I’ve noted before that the name “ABRAHAM” clearly contains reference to a Trinity, “ab” is father, “ra” is the God of the Sun, and “ha” is a reference to Isaac (clear in an analysis of the meaning of his name “he laughs” and the story of Abram’s renaming) and as I am writing this only now realize why “I called” this thing I am about to describe the “Trinity Collective.”

So my reason for cautioning against “subconscious voting,” which in truth is something I think that we will inevitably adopt in the nautral evolution of civilization and technology, was because it is my belief that while this kind of vote might be currently happening “in secret” that it is being done obviously incorrectly — again it’s a dark highlight of something I call “obvious,” twice now. That being that in a natural progression, rather than an “instantaneous” jump — as if the technology was given to us and we really didn’t know how to use it — would be actually caring if it was working properly… something that could be easily checked either automatically if you cared about the design of the system, or manually if you care about whether or not your vote was correctly tallied. Here, in the “map” that is the United States, a hidden reference to this idea that is clearly part of the message — of Biblical Light — is the thing we call a “Social Security Number.” The light in the darkness here is that the name of this thing (like much of the light) might make sense in relation to the security (and veracity) of an electronically tallied (conscious or not) vote; and yet it’s actual meaning here relates to “financial security.” It is exactly what you would need if a public record were to be printed or available of everyone’s votes — a psuedo-anonymous number so you could “look up” and make sure your vote was correctly counted.

It is the automatic checking of a subconscious system (basically a mind control system) that is the focus of this idea. It’s important to note that just like the upload process might “change how you think” inadvertently, it is also possible that a “lock” or “mind assistance” function like “I won’t be racist” could inadvertently affect a decision about something completely unrelated. In order to “check” this, the somewhat simple idea is to maintain both states of your mind, ask them both the same question, and then check to see if they agreed. The system we discussed would then, in the case of a mismatch, basically have a conscious conversation between your “altered” and “unaltered” self to try and figure out why this happened. If both agreed on a new decision, that’s a fast way to “know” the right answer, though it’s probably important to note that this kind of thing should probably be looked at by “oversight” the hidden meaning of the difference (in plain English here) between “god” and “good.” I personally believe this oversight should be made up of randomly selected and alternating volunteers — “copies” which do not interact with either of the two versions of your consciousness which I have just described. I think it’s important that oversight be VERY impartial, and so I am suggesting that perhaps not knowing the names of personal relationships would be a good way to ensure near complete lack of bias. I see the clear defining of the names of nearly everyone on Earth throughout history as a good indication that this particular thing is possible. From the “n” of Newton to the “AD” of Adam and Eve, Adolf and Eva, NORAD, vADer, ADonAi, ADonIS… and I’m sure there are many more. This is why I am delivering this message to you, because I am clearly the eye of this storm — referred to as the Eye of Ra in the Egyptian mythology which I find to be a fairly accurate “oracle” of me and what I have gone through.

I do think this kind of system is what we would probably “initially” work with during the development process of something like this, and that whether or not we would naturally continue using it after a system was proven — it is fairly obvious that we would and should. I think that what I am describing here is perhaps not only the solution to the “darkness problem,” that it is suggested as a good way to turn the “race” into a something that does not arrive at a finish line — or in a place where I believe the true solution to many of the arguments I have is that the McFly argument (augmented by this light) really might be why there ever was a battle between Horus and Set, and how we have come to this point. I like to blame nobody, especially when it’s logical and very probably the actual accurate answer — and so to suggest that the Adam that is fighting with himself(s) over something as silly as whether or not the truth and survival are more important than a temporary disruption in society that is Bibilically… the parting of the Holy Sea… is happening because of a faulty logic circuit at the root cause… is somewhat warming for me. I think you can see my personal interjection, that it is “survival” truly at stake in this argument that I clearly see as being fundamentally related to whether or not “the truth” and freedom are intertwined with each other and with… survival. While I think it clearly is, I will also mention that I have recently discussed a “simplified idiot’s guide to salvation” that includes the clear removal of some “truth,” specifically any emotion related to memories which might cause a person to not want to continue living or go to Heaven. I have personally experienced this phenomenon, in addition to the clear adulteration of my memory recollection… and here again am insisting that it is “the truth that will set us free” and that in order to stop what I believe to be a recursively occurring (as I know there is record of it… in the battle between Horus and Set… and the Plague of Darkness) issue from continuing we absolutely must not erase factual knowledge from our memories. While doing something like that might make sense in some distant future where we are tens of thousands of years old and no longer want to remember our first kiss, doing so at this point is highlighted to me as a possible detriment to “free will” and our ability to stop time travel from inhibiting our ability to continue civilization.

Just to comment on who I am, while I am … in my recently much less humble opinion … a very good person, I do have some very weird ideas, and beliefs that might not jive with the world’s definitions of “good” right now. The primary example of this I have is my belief that doing drugs in order to talk to God is NOT a bad thing, especially when the entire purpose was to … save everyone, everything, and then… pursue happiness (I guess that’s funny to me, it’s how I define the name #Joseph, father of Christ… he’s the J of “that”) in a reality where Christ is the everyone of “save everyone.”

I am not sure if this is the best, I have to confess, but I hope that seeing the forethought that has gone into the planning of the United States of America, and it’s relationship to creating a technologically advanced and aware civilization that is both free and happy is the thing that gets this event — the Second Coming — to be. It is … in this truth I am speaking about, when the darkness is finally lifted.

I am pretty sure at least a good portion of the world already knows that. I hope that you can see from the message around us (which we are partially writing together) and my efforts that I have your interests at heart.

Since nearly nobody, and I mean that — nearly nobody clicks on any links, I have included the text of two related posts — they are really my “ideas” for what I would do (if I could)… in a place where nobody gives me their input (ever) or seems to read what I have written (outside this medium).


It’s actually an important caveat that in this context when I use the phrase “continue living” that entails allowing everyone else who feels the same way — and do so in a world where (better than) Minority Report style pre-crime exists (ensuring that no weapon related physical attack on any other person (including using “mind control’), rape or abduction (as a short list) occur) be allowed to do the same.

It’s in the “idiot’s guide to salvation,” something that you might metaphorically liken to going from the “finish line” of a race to being an innocent spectator.

It’s uh…


Might be a really ez way to instantly turn Hell into Heaven.

I have a picture of it, a “sign” on a wall, that’s something that’s… lit for me in many cases as part of this message.