Advanced Theme Development Checklist

Are you looking for an advanced theme development guide and checklist? Building a website today is made easier by different tools and themes available, which include the Moodle essential theme. If you want to develop the Moodle theme, then the very first thing to do is to find your base theme and learn of the basics. So if you’re using the Moodle essential theme, then you can check out the following for help.

Moddle Essentials Theme Development

There are two ways on how you can do Moodle essential theme development, you can use a parent theme or copy a certain standard theme, and then rename it.

  1. If you choose to make a copy of theme, which is related or similar to the standard theme, the Moodle theme will then use it as the standard base theme in the development process. For all the changes made, they will appear on top.

2. If you want to do something from scratch with the use of parent theme, you can use a copy of the standard sheets.

What to Know about the Moodle Theme Development

Copying the standard theme

When it comes to Moodle essential theme development, here is what you should follow and know in copying a standard theme.

· Navigate the theme folder in your PC.

· Right click on the standard theme folder, and then choose copy.

· Paste it into the theme directory.

· Rename the copied folder to a file name you can remember. Keep in mind that you should not use spaces or letters in your file name.

· The next thing to do is to open the Moodle website and then navigate to the site administration, go to themes, choose theme selector and finally select the file you have created.

Creating the Moodle Essentials Theme & Setting up the Parent Theme

· Make sure that you are logged in to you Moodle site as the administrator

· Open the web browser and navigate into the Moodle site.

· Log in as the administrator.

· Navigate to the theme folder created, and then right click on the config.php file.

· Select “Open with Wordpad.”

· Do the following changes to your file:

ü $THEME->sheets = array(‘user_styles’);

ü $THEME->standardsheets = true;

ü $THEME->parent = ‘autumn’;

ü $THEME->parentsheets = array(‘styles’);

Fi9nally, save the changes and then refresh your browser.

Shopify Theme Manager Checklist

If you are using the Shopify themes, there are useful things to remember:

· Online the theme development courses: If you are new to Shopify platform, you need to check out structured online courses to know what you must do. You can check out the Advanced Shopify Theme Development.

· Working with Shopify themes: If you want to know the structure of Shopify theme and get an explanation of every template, you can check out:


· A Web Designer’s Introduction to Shopify

· Getting Started With Liquid; Shopify’s Template Language

Shopify Theme Toolkit

In the Shopify theme manager, take advantage of the open source tools to streamline and speed up theme development. For more information, you can visit, Shopify Liquid Cheat Sheet.

Helpful Tutorials

· VIDEO: Installing a new theme

· Creating a theme

Opencart Shopping Cart

The Opencart shopping cart features more than 13000 themes and modules to grow, expand and jump-start your business. There are great themes for every sector, payment providers, service integrations, social media, reporting, language packs, accounting and shipping methods. If you want to build your own theme, you can use Opencart.


· Administrator dashboard: You get a full overview of what is essential for sales, total orders, sales analytics, people online, customers and more widgets.

· User management: To organize your store, you need to cooperate with different people and use Open Card for going to the advanced settings for user privileges.

· Multi-store: You can manage your store, set products to appear in different stores and choose a different theme for every store. You can also select your product prices for every store and localize your store settings.

Use this guide in developing your theme, including Moodle essential and Shopify themes. Learn what to know and how to get started in building your theme and creating a great website suitable for your business.

Refer to this Moodle essential theme guide today!