Thank you my godmother, thank you.

Dear Bobbie,

Cancer harms people and families, but this disease will not destroy your tremendous legacy — as a teacher, as a mentor, as the most compassionate godmother a child could hope for. You were like a third parent.

When you saw injustice, you fought it. I hope to follow in your legacy. You were a champion of gender equality and ending family violence. The world would be a more livable place if all people, and especially those in power, treated others with respect and compassion and dignity.

Thank you so much for recommending Bryan Steven’s Just Mercy. The book gave me a deeper understanding of the lack of fundamental fairness that exists in our judicial system.

I will never forget your lessons. I hope that science and medicine improve and that one day people will not experience what you did. I hope that cancer itself dies.

I recently received a beautiful postcard articulating the words of Mexican author Don Ruiz. I thought you would enjoy it so I attached it here. It reads: “be impeccable, take nothing personally, make no assumptions, do your best.”

Our family will be getting one bigger in a few months. When the baby grows up he will see your photo and inevitably ask: “who is that?” I can’t wait to tell him.



PS: Bobbie, please excuse my not mailing this — but I don’t know your new address. I do hope this reaches you.