I. The case for a smart AI-powered safety network

  • Why do we need to do something different?
  • Why should we use AI for road safety?
  • Adaptive Safe Path technology and digital convergence

II. The wait for autonomous vehicles

  • Why build a network into road infrastructure
  • The role of government and manufacturers

III. An AI powered solution

  • SmartSafe — Concept design
  • How AI prevents accidents Privacy and social acceptance
  • Costs and return on investment


Facebook’s nudge towards digital currency is generating a tsunami of commentary and hand-wringing. Banks are right to be apprehensive, as very large, capital rich tech giants who already have a relationship with their clients are now eyeing up their markets. To adapt, financial services have to accelerate their planning for a world where value exchange happens over open Web protocols.

This article discusses what the Facebook backed ‘Libra’ currency is, how it fits into the broader picture of technological disruption facing incumbent banks, and what banks can do to counter these threats.

What’s Libra?

Libra is a new crypto-currency protocol. As such…

Adam Lyness

Adam is an Entrepreneur and an Emerging Technology leader who has 15 years’ experience developing and delivering market ready propositions.

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