A Maltese First: FreeCash

What Is FreeCash?

FreeCash is the world’s first casino with a ‘winners-only’ policy. Gameplay is powered by crypto-mining on players’ devices. Players begin to mine cryptocurrency automatically as soon as they enter the FreeCash platform, and their hashes are converted into gaming chips. Players are unable to top up their gaming balance using a credit card or any other payment method. There is no risk to their personal capital; they just need to charge their phones! These gaming chips can then be used to stake bets in games, offering players the opportunity to multiply their mined earnings to then cash out through our token PRIZE into real prizes or other currencies.


  • Players on the FreeCash platform can play premium casino games for free and win millions in real prizes or cash.
  • Time spent on-site earns players credits to play more games through cryptocurrency mining.
  • Mining occurs on users’ smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • The more players online, the larger the potential prize pool.
  • Players can use winnings to play more, or to simply cash out what has been mined or won.
  • The platform is 100% FREE. No credit card, cash, or crypto needed.
    Everyone can play and get free cash!

The Idea Behind the Project

FreeСash aims to create a safer gaming ecosystem, enabling gamers to win big without risking their personal funds. FreeCash is the ecosystem for our PRIZE token, the gateway crypto token for people unfamiliar with the crypto space.

Users excluded from traditional banking are able to accumulate wealth through tokens and gain access to crypto exchanges through the PRIZE token. The FreeCash Online Casino does not allow the deposit of any cash or crypto; players can only play with what they mine.

FreeCash, a Maltese First!

Maltese regulation on virtual financial offerings is out on October 2. According to the Virtual Finance Asset Act of Malta 2018 (VFA Act), the Maltese government has been developing a legal framework to ensure a reliable, safe, and regulated environment for the token investment market. The FreeCash team has chosen to delay the token offering in Malta in order to become one of the first regulated offerings. FreeCash can now confidently say it is backed by the regulatory policies of Malta, giving contributors and users higher levels of security than any unregulated token offering.

“We strive to offer our token participants the safest, most transparent offering. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the public sale to take advantage of new regulation coming out in Malta. We are currently working with our team of lawyers to ensure our full compliance with the new VFA act.”

With the regulatory policies, one can rest assured that the hype around FreeCash isn’t a vacuous bubble, but instead a strong, secure project to participate in.

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