Artificial intelligence, creativity and how our goals shape our reality

Eureka! As water sloshed over the side of the bath, the solution popped into Archimedes’ head. The problem he had been toiling at for days was finally solved. All the components of the solution slid neatly into place, a gift from his subconscious.

Syracuse, the birthplace of Archimedes. Photo by Luca N on Unsplash

Anyone involved in creative work or problem solving will have experienced such eureka moments — a solution presenting itself in a flash of insight. In his latest book Novacene, James Lovelock offers his Gaia hypothesis as a potent example of this: Gaia is not easy to explain because it is a concept that arises by intuition from…

Adam Elwood

I blog about different perspectives on reality at I have a PhD in particle physics and currently work in AI research.

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