Your coworker added an emoji that you’ve come to rely on, but it doesn’t exist in your other Slack networks… These working conditions are 🚫 not 🚫 acceptable. Someone call OSHA.

Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down. After all… this is important office biz. It is impossible to effectively communicate with your other colleagues while you lack this emoji. Let’s add it so we can get back to work 🙂

  1. Head to https://<your network name here>

2. Find the emoji you want to move.

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3. Inspect 🕵️‍ it using Chrome’s built in dev tools. We have to do this because emoji’s…

Recently I was tasked with adding Segment’s event tracking to a Scala service that I work on. If you use Java Libraries in your Scala project you might already know there’s some small differences that can cause big headaches. Below I walk through how I got the Java library from Segment to work with our Scala service.

This is the Java installation guide I was using.

1. Adding the library to my project.

Following the first step of the Java installation I searched for the groupId on and found it here.

This confirmed the most recent version and also gave me the SBT dependency string. …

Favorites, bests, whatever you want to call them, these are my top 5 (sometimes more) from every genre and sub-genre I thought worth mentioning. The list comes to a total of over 225 of my all-time favorite films. Every single entry here I would consider essential viewing, at least once.

There’s an understandable amount of crossover here, as something like Total Recall could easily be considered Sci-fi as much as I consider it Action. Or Kill Bill could easily be considered Revenge as much as Martial Arts. My thought’s regarding crossover are pretty simple. On the whole, if a movie…

Update: When I originally collected these logos I felt that companies were a bit more genuine in their displays of solitude. Nowadays it feels more like pandering and some companies have been proven as contradicting their shows of support with actions that say otherwise. So take this collection with a grain of salt, stay strong, and don’t be a dickhead 🖤.

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500 Startups

With just a few lines of code you can get analytics about specific user interactions on your site. Cross reference successes, failures, and more, with all the great information Google Analytics already provides.

If you’ve built a website in the last 7–8 years you’ve probably copy pasted a Google Analytics (GA) snippet into your <head> and gotten some nice information about who’s visiting your site. Page views, bounce rates, and browser usage are all great, but what do you do when you want GA to track how people are interacting with your site? To no surprise GA…

Simple steps to be treated with respect in your field.

Step 1: Act like a damn professional.

Step 2: Don’t not act like a professional.

Koa.js — A next generation web framework for node.js

8/29/2017 Disclaimer: This tutorial is well out of date nowadays, so please do your own research to verify which parts of this article you end up using or learning from so you don’t run into too much trouble down the road. I’m so glad to see this still gets views from time to time, and I hope it has helped those of you who found yourselves here.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m still new to backend development, but I have done a little bit of work with Node and would like to document my experience with Koa.js, a newer…

Adam Bickford

Senior Software Engineer at Acorns, Founding partner at Yorkshire Interactive. Progressive metal and Horror geek.

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