If you want to make Swift programmer shudder, just whisper the words “associated types.” They’re one of the few Swift language typing features you’re unlikely to find in other programming languages, so they can take some getting used to. Last week I tried to write a seemingly simple function, and…

San Francisco at night (Daniel Schwen)

Let me tell you about a job I worked back in the good old days. It was 2017. A simpler time. Phones had apps, Wikipedia was free, and Canada still existed. It was a cold November evening, and I was out looking for women. Not like that. This was for…


Sarah woke up gasping for air. She’d been having the most peculiar dream. Its details were already slipping her mind, leaving nothing but a vague sense of unease. Something about… animals? Bugs? Whatever they were, they had several more legs than she.

Bristling faintly at this injustice, Sarah hit her…

Adam Chalmers

I write fiction and code. Australian moved to Austin, Texas.

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