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Today’s question is from Karen. She asked:

“What’s my view on having post nominals included after your name on LinkedIn?”


Firstly, what are post nominals?

Now, post nominals are just those letters people put after their name to signify some sort of accreditation or certification. You may see things like CFA, MBA, CFP, CSP. …

Here are ways to reframe the 3 ‘rejections’ — No’s, Silence and Ghosting.

VIDEO: How to handle rejection on LinkedIn


Today’s question is, how do you deal with rejection on LinkedIn?

It’s a very common question from my coaching clients. I understand why you might be feeling this way, because when we reach out to people…

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Today’s question is:

“Why marketing is important to me?”

TRANSCRIPT: Why digital marketing is important to me

Hey there, it’s Adam Franklin. And in this video, I just want to share why marketing is important to me.

And to share, I guess, my philosophy and my approach to it because I understand that there’s…

A step by step process to do search engine optimisation for your website covering on-page and off-page SEO!

VIDEO: Website search engine optimisation (SEO)

TRANSCRIPT: How to do website search engine optimisation (SEO) yourself

Today’s question is:

“How can I SEO my website?”

There’s two factors to consider:

1. On-page SEO and
2. Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

Let’s start with on-page SEO which means anything that you do on your own website…

How consultants can engage in a meaningful sales dialogue with high value prospects using trust and permission.


TRANSCRIPT: Trust based selling for consultants

One of the ways to approach selling is to approach it with a trust-based selling angle. And I find this really useful. So rather than the typical model of putting offers to…

No you shouldn’t! Here’s why LinkedIn is a powerful business development and marketing platform.


Thinking of quitting LinkedIn? Please read on (and don’t quit!)


Today’s question comes from Linda and she was very close to walking away from LinkedIn as a platform because basically there was so much non-business related stuff, all very much, isn’t this cute, look at…

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