Here are the 4 free keyword research tools I use for every post.



Today’s question is:

“What are my favourite free keyword research tools?”

Let’s take a look at how I approach finding topics to talk about on videos, or to blog about on my blog.

Well, first of all, I encourage you to start with a real simple approach, which is just address questions that you’re asked all the time, whether by prospects, or clients, or if you’re really not sure what to talk about, go to websites like or

Once you’ve got the high-level topic of what you want to talk about, then I like to use free keyword research tools, and there’s four that I use. …

Here are ways to reframe the 3 ‘rejections’ — No’s, Silence and Ghosting.

VIDEO: How to handle rejection on LinkedIn


Today’s question is, how do you deal with rejection on LinkedIn?

It’s a very common question from my coaching clients. I understand why you might be feeling this way, because when we reach out to people, when we put content out into the world, there’s a very real chance that you’re going to get:

  • a “no,”
  • you’re going to get silence,
  • you’re going to get ghosted.

Feeling a sense of rejection on LinkedIn — and how to reframe it

It’s very natural to feel a sense of rejection when this happens. …

[Cargo Wharf, Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia]


Today’s question is:

“Why marketing is important to me?”

TRANSCRIPT: Why digital marketing is important to me

Hey there, it’s Adam Franklin. And in this video, I just want to share why marketing is important to me.

And to share, I guess, my philosophy and my approach to it because I understand that there’s lots of different approaches out there, some of which rub me the wrong way, others don’t, and I’ve chosen to emulate the types of marketing and the types of communication that have resonated most with me.

When I first started Bluewire back in 2005, we were very heavily influenced by people like David Meerman Scott and Seth Godin, and what I loved about their approach was that marketing should be helpful, marketing should be generous and that has been an approach that we have tried to embody and emulate at Bluewire. …

A step by step process to do search engine optimisation for your website covering on-page and off-page SEO!

VIDEO: Website search engine optimisation (SEO)

TRANSCRIPT: How to do website search engine optimisation (SEO) yourself

Today’s question is:

“How can I SEO my website?”

There’s two factors to consider:

1. On-page SEO and
2. Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

Let’s start with on-page SEO which means anything that you do on your own website in order to optimise it for Google.

The thing to keep in mind here is that we’re actually trying to give signals to Google so that it knows what each particular page on our website is about.

The more clues and signals we can give Google, the more confidence Google has in knowing what the page is about so it can rank it for when people type phrases or search phrases into Google. …

Because it works. When you lead with generosity, keep friction low and provide the next step of the journey, you build trust and win clients.

VIDEO: Why I give away lead magnets for free

TRANSCRIPT: Why do I give away lead magnets for free on LinkedIn with no opt-in?

Today’s question is:

Why do I give away my marketing templates for free, with no opt in, when I offer them on LinkedIn, as opposed to sending people to a registration page, where they go into some type of funnel?

This is a question from Simon, who’s one of my LinkedIn contacts.

And the reason for this is because I like to lead with generosity and also keep the friction nice and low when I’m offering something to somebody else. …

Here’s how to pivot and uncover your new marketing message so that it lands. Plus how to package it up in a content marketing plan.


TRANSCRIPT: How to change your marketing message

Today’s question is:

How should I be changing my marketing messaging to be appropriate for these current times?

I think what a lot of consultants realise is that now is a great time to be communicating, internet usage is up, social media usage is up, email open rates are up. But where we’re coming a little bit stuck is, what do we actually say?

How do we be helpful? How do we communicate but not seem opportunistic, not seem off-tone? …

Follow these these 3 tips to drive traffic to a brand new site.


TRANSCRIPT: Traffic to a new website?

Today’s question is,

“How do I get traffic to a brand new website?”

So, there’s a number of things to keep in mind here. First is, if you’re a brand new website, there’s very little chance of people finding you organically, so there’s a few things you need to do.

1. Tell your friends and contacts via email or text

First is to tell people about it. Now, let’s start with just people that you know already.

Send an email to people, even send a text messages to people. Let them know the URL so that they can click on it and check out your website. It helps if, obviously, the website’s got some good content on there that you can direct people to. …

How consultants can engage in a meaningful sales dialogue with high value prospects using trust and permission.


TRANSCRIPT: Trust based selling for consultants

One of the ways to approach selling is to approach it with a trust-based selling angle. And I find this really useful. …

No you shouldn’t! Here’s why LinkedIn is a powerful business development and marketing platform.


Thinking of quitting LinkedIn? Please read on (and don’t quit!)


Today’s question comes from Linda and she was very close to walking away from LinkedIn as a platform because basically there was so much non-business related stuff, all very much, isn’t this cute, look at me type of content.

Should I quit LinkedIn?

What I suggested to Linda is, yes there is, like with any platform, there’s going to be lots of content that isn’t perfectly relevant for you. There’s going to be a lot of junk, but that’s okay. It doesn’t mean the platform’s bad.

Is LinkedIn worth it?

What we do need to be thinking about though, and what worked for me, is the mindset shift from being a content consumer to being a content publisher. …

How to lay the foundation now to ‘accelerate out of the bend’

VIDEO: Navigate The Next 90 Days

TRANSCRIPT: Navigate next 90 days

I’ve just finished recording a live stream for my Bluewire community and it’s all about how to navigate the next 90 days.

As a consultant over the next 90 days, there’s a lot of uncertainty but there’s also a lot of things that you can be doing to lay the foundation so that you can accelerate out of the bend.

Accelerate out of the bend

Now that’s a racing metaphor or racing analogy. When we hit, when we’re about to approach a bend or a corner, we put on the brakes, but then once we’ve got control, we accelerate out of the bend. …


Adam Franklin

#SocialMedia Speaker, #LinkedIn Marketing Coach, bestselling author of Web Marketing That Works, CEO Bluewire Media. Brisbane, Australia.

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