Simple way to have much better weekends

I’ve recently read “What most successful people do on the weekend” by Laura Vanderkam. It’s a quick-to-read and inspiring book. Here are the key insights that I’ve learned:

  • “There are sixty hours between the moment you crack open a beer at 6 p.m. Friday and the time the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. Monday. (…) Even if you’re asleep for twenty-four of those hours, that still leaves thirty-six hours for waking rejuvenation. That’s the equivalent of a full-time job — and this is a helpful mindset to have.”
  • “A good weekend needs a plan. Not a minute-by-minute plan, not a spreadsheet full of details, but just a few fun anchor events sketched in ahead of time.” It could be three to five multi-hour events to fill the major weekend spots (Friday night, Saturday day and night, Sunday day and night) e.g. a cinema on Friday night, family breakfast on Saturday, soccer on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to that the weekend will not slip through your fingers.
  • Research is finding that planning (and anticipation) delivers happiness and joy. This is another good reason why planning the weekend is important — it brings you happiness boost before the weekend actually starts.
  • “Schedule something fun for Sunday evening. This extends the weekend and keeps you focused on the fun to come, rather than on Monday morning.”
  • However, it’s good to find a little while on Sunday to plan the upcoming week. “The reason to do this on Sunday is that if you wake up on Monday morning without a plan, you can easily lose the day as you figure it out. (…) I find that making a priority list for the coming week helps me end the weekend and start the new week with a sense of purpose.”
  • “Successful people know that the best weekends feature activities you love and a minimal amount of anything else.” Do your best to do all boring activities like chores, shopping, e-mails during the workdays (e.g. during boring conference call).

Please add own ideas and insights in the comments. Thanks!