Facts Pt. 1: Conservatives

Recently, Blakeley Nixon joined the Facebook group, “Trump Supporters Unite” (I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned).

If only one thing was certain about Trump Supporters and the alt-right as a whole, it’s that facts don’t matter.

Alt-right sites such as Breitbart frequently post articles that with no purpose other than to stir up hatred.

Other times, it’s just flat-out lies such as the claim that conservatives are far more tolerant.

I know just how tolerant they are. Here’s an example:

Really? Then this is definitely tolerant.

At least their own party tells the truth…


Then are there any times that they say something that isn’t just attacking liberals?


One thing that their articles have in common is that they aren’t meant to spread information. They’re meant to spread anger and hatred. Why else is someone going to write an article that makes outrageous claims such as that “liberals hate free speech” when we’re the ones are are trying to keep it from being taken away!

Just ask yourselves, which side published over 112 pages of comments by critics while also publishing their names, email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, etc?