Entrepreneurship is a Pool

You know that moment.

There’s a pool. And some stairs. Maybe a step ladder.

Oh, those dreaded steps

You know it’s going to suck. You skim your big toe across the surface to confirm your greatest fear.

Shit, that’s cold!

Your muscles tense and you propel your weight backwards to remain in the known, safe surroundings. You’re okay here.

This — is entrepreneurship.

(Or really, any new challenge in life.)

The initial reaction of most people is to take it slow. To ease themselves in. We’re hardwired to do this.

When in reality — that’s the worst way.

Don’t be this guy

Anybody who’s been in a cold pool will tell you... the “ease-in” approach isn’t the best strategy.

What do you do instead?


Sure it’s scary. Sure there will be that initial shock. It’s inevitable. It’s something new.

But we have this incredible ability to adapt to new circumstances. The faster you throw yourself in, the quicker and easier the adjustment process is.

Do it!

When starting out as an entrepreneur, you have to understand… you’re going to fuck up.

There are going to be pain points. There are going to be shocks. But they’ll be worse and last longer if you only dip your toes in.

So expedite the process.

Accept these as part of your journey. Embrace them.

Tell yourself, “Hey — this is going to suck at first. I’ll need to adjust.”

Then jump in.


Be open to the pain. To learning your new surroundings.

Engulf yourself in the challenge. You’ll adapt much faster.

Anyone who’s ever jumped into a pool will tell you the exact same thing:

“Yeah it’s cold. But you get used it.”

So if you’re looking to start a business, or take on a new challenge, don’t lower yourself in…


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