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Your Startup Must Be Steph Curry

Adam Pittenger
Dec 15, 2015 · 2 min read

Startups are fucking hard.

But let’s come back to that.

The oft-quoted stat is that 90% of them fail.

Let’s humanize that a bit.

Imagine that you’re playing somebody 1-on-1 in basketball. First to 10 wins.

And the other team starts with 9… and the ball.

That’s really hard.

First you need to get the ball. Then proceed to score 10 straight times before they do once.

You have to be nearly perfect — if there is such a thing.

Even if you’re talented and playing great, there’s still the off chance that the other team just throws one up. It bounces the wrong way… and goes in.

You lose.

But what if I told you, in this game of 1-on-1, the person with 9 points is a high schooler. And the one with zero is Steph Curry.

Steph is still vulnerable to that high schooler’s one lucky shot. But the odds no longer seem so crazy. In fact, you might assume that Steph will win.

And, as a startup, that’s what you have to be.

You need to be Steph Curry.

You need to have that competitive advantage. You need to be that good. In your product and in your team.

You need to exceptionally talented at your craft, yet still hustle your ass off to become even better.

Because you understand that at any moment, if you let your guard down, you could lose.

And you might say,

“Well obviously not everyone can be Steph Curry.

That’s fucking hard.”


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