The voters that are behind him are still there. And we have to find a way to communicate with them and understand them. It’s good for us, it’s good for America. And besides, they’re a lot better armed than we are.
Trump Shaker: A Scandal Reality Check.
Dave Pell

This is key — I believe there is a large segment of our country which is frustrated, and will continue being so unless we take steps to bridge the gap.

But I live with a reasonable income with a life experience and education with valued diversity and social progress. My friends are those I can relate to — so even though I’m living in the split state of Ohio, I don’t know anyone voting for Trump. (I do work with a number of solid Republicans, but none of them were ever voting for Trump.)

If I don’t interact with Trump supporters, how can I help bridge the gap? If his supporters are people who are naturally more racist or xenophobic or misogynistic, it is highly unlikely that I will spend time with them.

So how we do this? This is the conversation I want to have — and it can’t be one sided.

Perhaps we need a solution like the UNA Exchange — a volunteer program started after WWII to bring together volunteers from across cultures, with the understanding that people bonded and got to know each other when serving together.

Perhaps we need to look at our economic developments, and make sure that we’re not leaving a segment of our population behind.

Perhaps we need to address political traps like gerrymandering, to make our voting more reflective of our country. Or perhaps we need to address our media and the way that they promote news, and we consume it.

These are things I don’t know. I know we need to fix something as a country, and I would like to be involved, but don’t know where to begin. We are connected in ways that we never were before, and the question should be how to use this to bring us together, not divide us in two.

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