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Does this depict a contagion, or DAO? Comment or email me!

We are all wondering: what’s next? This paper poses and answers 10 questions.

This post is available as a PDF to download and cite on ResearchGate and SSRN.

These are predictions for the COVID-19 era and beyond based on my research.[1]

Question One: will the novel coronavirus / COVID19 accelerate automation?

Answer: yes. Automation has already evolved beyond manufacturing to other business processes. This trend is likely to accelerate as a result of the pandemic. Some of the under-appreciated potential of blockchain — or distributed ledger technology — relates to maintaining credible records, certification, and self-executing smart contracts. We are now acutely aware of how quality certification in a supply chain can be a vital matter of life-or-death. We worry about the viability of supply chains that rely on people who can get sick.

Entrepreneurship Lessons from Building Solar-Powered Mini-Grids in Madagascar

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Improvised unloading, by hand, of one ton of fragile equipment in the village of Marosely, on the northwestern tip of Madagascar

“Don’t worry, we know it’s precious, we got this,” said a Malagasy villager, one of about three dozen unloading one-ton pallets of solar panels and equipment by hand from tractor-trailers. The odds of a disastrous drop seemed 50/50.

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Trucks with solar panels crossing a tidal estuary en route to Marosely, where villagers self-organized to unload heavy pallets of fragile equipment

This post describes the adaptations needed by a business to bring electricity to rural Madagascar, where 90–95% of people in villages are not on any power grid.

In contrast to my doubts, the project leaders seemed confident that the equipment would all be safely unloaded and used to complete a solar-powered mini-grid. …

A recent post about the founding of Babson resonates on the occasion of this week’s Climate Action Summit. Here’s why:


Adam Sulkowski

Associate Professor of Law & Sustainability at Babson College

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