“Test your interfaces” is incomplete. Here’s how to go safely beyond it

Photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman on Unsplash

There’s a software engineering truism that you should test your interfaces. Broken into its component pieces, this rule states you should:

While solid access control is truly important, the “Test your interfaces” truism is incomplete to the point of doing more harm than good. It forces us to write integration tests, not unit tests. …

The Layer Protocol is a project that aims to provide a ‘distributed reputation, incentive, and payments’ system on the Ethereum blockchain. The Layer Foundation is planning an ICO in Q3 and has released a whitepaper (v1.0.1) with technical specifications. Layer is intended to be used by ‘asset sharing’ services like Airbnb, Zipcar, or ride hailing companies as a way to look up and rate the trustworthiness of their users. Layer shares a founding team with Spin, a dockless bike and e-scooter startup, and the team’s stated plan is to bootstrap Layer with Spin as its first consumer.

(See Addendum for…

Adam Zethraeus

Human. iOS eng at Uber/JUMP.

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