I Miss Nothing
James Altucher

Wow. This is a good one. Yknow…there’s no such thing as “nothing”.

Our bodies are in a constant state of consumption from everyone and everything.

Like a weed that absorbs sunlight to grow, so do we experience the stimulation of people, places, and things.

Our own mental moves us towards things that benefit our growth.

In a state of “nothing” we gravitate towards “something” that we enjoy…

And hopefully, that outputs when we decide to “do”.

Maybe not though.

I watched a hubble space telescope documentary last night.

I didn’t retain shit. I rarely do.

But I enjoyed it, and the experience influenced these words.

I’m a big believer in doing “nothing”.

Especially in a forum (medium) that can influence a person to set creative habits that drive ones own productivity to the brink of insanity.

(I write based on experience. It happened to me for months until I broke…depressed, isolated, and alone. Manically spent on the work I “believed” I needed to do to become a creative.)

And that’s the thing about beliefs.

We can change them when they stop working.

Today, I fully believe in doing “nothing”.

(Even when there’s always “something”).

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