Most people suffer because they think things are unfair. They ask why a lot. They don’t realise what their place is in the order of the universe. And then they fight it.

To be fair, as a human who lives in the present, how are we supposed to reverse engineer our millions of years of biological purpose and evolution, and then do so?

However, the reality of life is that it works the opposite way. Life works a certain way, and therefore we work that way. It’s really that simple. And that requires respect of the natural order.

We need to respect life for what it is. Go with it, and not fight it.

We egotistical humans need less dissonance between the way we think things should work and the way it…

There’s nothing that brings out the best in humanity than making big decisions to pursue unlikely (or just plain difficult to achieve) outcomes.

Starting your dream startup. Deciding to try fundraise. Or starting a new career and hoping you’ll make the most of it, enjoy it, and become successful in it. Beginning a new chapter to travel overseas and maybe find yourself, or even a partner. Deciding to invest a large stake in a risky venture.

These are all like accepting an invitation to register for a competition, to join a competition, to hopefully win some undefined prize. Like making…

If this isn’t the future of work, I don’t know what is…

Watch how this animation produced itself in 10 days by automatically coordinating multiple specialists

Creating an effective animated advertisement with a traditional agency can be a time consuming, expensive, process with no guarantees of success. Speedlancer’s patent-pending Bundles technology enables you to cut through the red tape most agencies create, connecting with pre-screened experts for every stage of the process at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to near-zero management overheads involved, Speedlancer’s Bundles simply connect you directly with the top talent, for a fully automated — yet fully bespoke — production.

This Bundle brings together — automatically — the talents of numerous voice actors, animators, and content writers to create something worthy of…

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As I’m listening to one of my new favourite artists, Ruel, who is a 15 year old Australian wonderkid, I can’t help but to think a lot about his future. I was 12 when I started my first business (my form of art), and Ruel was almost as young when he started singing professionally. If we’re lucky, we both have our whole lives ahead of us.

With age of course comes wisdom. And with that wisdom comes life’s lessons, events, grief, fear, relationships, self-doubt, normalcy and routine that often threaten to get in the way of our success.

We all…

Innovate or die.

Or should we?

I think we should. But I’ve gone in waves.

The drive to innovate all comes down to biology and psychology, and we shouldn’t try fight those neurological functions.

We should nurture them.

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time questioning things. Why do we do the things we do? Why do anything at all? Why is everyone so strung up about success? What is success? What is it really… and why strive to be better?

Whatever success is, why do we want it anyway? We either achieve it or we don’t, and in either…

Are you looking for the right program to get your business going global? For us Aussies, there is an option to take advantage of Landing Pads for market-ready startups and scaleups ready to go global. Even many Aussies are unaware of the Australian Government’s landing pad program, run by Austrade.

You might not know it because it’s not really sold in the best way it could be; and for some reason it appears to have trouble receiving the uptake from people who have heard of the program. Maybe it’s because folks are too spoilt with government grants and easy money (accelerators) these days — fair enough. The landing pad does not offer any funding. However the landing pad program does do its job of helping your company to build global connections through an in-country business development manager.

In this post I’ll share my experiences from the Austrade Berlin and Tel…

Winning is tough.

But what’s tougher is creating a steady flow of opportunities to be won.

As we all know, life is all about perspective, rather than the result in isolation. It’s why the journey is often more satisfying than the prize.

It’s also why we should learn to focus on motivating ourselves by the things we can control (how we got the opportunity) rather than the things that are outside of our control (the end goal).

You can never fully control the outcome of an event but you can control what you put into it. Similarly, you can affect the way you got to the opportunity and how many more like it there are.


Many people don’t know this, but Speedlancer isn’t my first company. But it is my best :)

I founded Speedlancer based on the learnings and the insight I had of outsourcing through running my previous company in the eCommerce space.

As I’ve delved into, I took that site from 0 to 130,000+ paying customers and 320,000 unique visitors per month (equating to $600k in the same year I let it effectively die a peaceful death… actually the asset is still for sale hint hint ;)), and notably a 10 minute work-week for myself.

The thing is, it wasn’t going to…

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I used to refrain from social media, and although I started my first real business when I was 14 (my first when I was 12), nobody other than my close family, not even my friends had any idea I was anything other than a red-headed teenager. Except the company was growing, fast, and we hit 100,000 paying customers by the time I was 20 (see, I did it again. You’ll know what I mean below).

You see, I wasn’t in the startup scene at all, but my company was bigger than most…

Adam Stone

'The harder you try, the luckier you get' Founder @SpeedlancerHQ. Batch 12 @500startups. Perhaps my greatest achievement is my 5/5 Uber rating

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