Nintendo’s Little-Known Product Philosophy: Lateral Thinking with Withered (“Weathered”) Technology

Iterative products might be hardest in execution, but lateral products tend to be hardest in conception

There’s a huge variety of console games out now, but to me, the majority of them aren’t actually ‘games.’ The word ‘game’ means something competitive, where you can win or you can lose. When I look at recent games, I see that quality has been declining, and what I’m seeing more and more of are games that want to give you the experience of a short story or a movie.

When I started Stockpickr it was the mating of my ideas on the Internet with my ideas for a new hedge fund. The best ideas always come from mating. Think of Hollywood. When they pitch an idea its never just “I have this idea”. Its always “It’s James Bond meets Titanic”

Examples could include AA batteries, aluminum cans or the Python programming language



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