The “Y”Behind the Gym

Everyone wants to maintain good health and be in top shape. LA Fitness gym offers that opportunity to the public. For just a $22 per month membership, people from all over the area flock to LA Fitness gym everyday in Cherry Hill, NJ. The gym is huge, about twice the size of an average high school auditorium. It’s loaded with tons of workout machines that line from end to end. LA Fitness contains 3 racquetball courts, a volleyball court, a basketball court in the far left, and a swimming pool in the back. From the hours of 5am-9pm, the gym is packed with hard working individuals seeking to achieve a certain goal. The question is though, “What is that goal?” Why do these people take time out of their lives to work their bodies out? Why do they do what they do? In my quest to answer these question, I interviewed four very different individuals who attend LA Fitness as a member and challenged each of them to speak candidly and honestly I wanted to know why it is they do what they do at LA Fitness gym.

My first interviewer is Kris Noone. Kris is rather short, only standing about 5 foot 5. He is a senior at Camden Catholic High School. Kris was a member of the football team and a current member of the National Honor Society. He plans on one day being a pilot for Delta Airlines when he’s older. From Monday through Friday, Kris ventures to the gym every day after school.So I took time to sit down with Noone, and I questioned him on what the gym means to him and why he goes as often as he does.

The next interviewer is Kris’ sister Nick Noone. Nick is graduating alum from Camden Catholic, class of 2007. Nick is 26 years old and has been happily married for the past two years. Nick teaches Math at the high school level from Monday through Friday. However, when he’s not teaching math, Nick can be found in LA fitness gym. Nick goes to the gym everyday and each day he pushes himself harder and harder in his daily work outs. Nick also enjoys to play Racquetball when he goes to the gym. I interviewed Nick and questioned him about his love for Racquetball and why he does what he does at the gym.

My third interviewer is Nolan Gerold. Nolan, like Kris, is a senior at Camden Catholic High School. Nolan is a big kid, standing at a good 6 foot 3, Nolan is also an important member of the Camden Catholic baseball team, being named second team all-conference last year. He plans to continue his baseball career in college. Nolan is a work horse, considering he wakes up early every day at 5am to work out at the gym before he goes to school. Nolan is one of “those guys” that you seem to always see at the gym 24/7. I was excited to question Nolan Gerold about why is pushes himself so hard.

My last and final interviewers are a pair of friends, Colin Larsen and Steven Burns. Colin is a senior at Camden Catholic High school while Steven is a junior. Colin is a member of the baseball team and Steven is a member of both the Lax and soccer teams at Camden Catholic. These two gentlemen are lifelong best friends, and because of this, they come to the gym everyday after school. So of course I had to interview them together and not shockingly, they’re answers were incredibly similar.

So what did I learn from my research on why people go to LA Fitness gym? Many reasons, whether to prepare for a sport, or something to do in order to spare time, or maybe to just obtain gains and stay in shape. Whatever the reason may be I concluded this research with one concrete fact. And that is, everyone you see at the gym is their to achieve a goal. What that goal is, varies from person to person. How they wish to achieve this goal, again, varies from person to person. But what can’t be doubted is the fact that people at the gym have a mindset to reach a certain goal in order to achieve happiness. It doesn’t matter what that goal is, but what does matter is that some way somehow LA Fitness gyms like the one in Cherry Hill, NJ provide a means to escape the real world in order for an individual to capture their goals in life. So although an LA Fitness membership cost $22 per month, the opportunity it offers to achieve your dreams and goals are priceless.