Top 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses

Hi, I’m Adam Andrews and today I wanted to let you know my Top 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses. After being on the side of social media focused on growth and growth alone I believe this puts me in a unique position to talk about this topic and give you good actionable advice. Enjoy!

  1. Live Video

Utilizing live video to connect with your audience is huge. This is number 1 for me because in my opinion it is the most real you can get with your audience without being there in person. The ability to show your followers(customers) behind the scenes of your life or business is huge. It builds massive amounts of trust with your audience and allows for you to show them that you are just like everyone else. Stumbling over your words and showing your little quirks is embarrassing as hell, but what that does is shows your audience that you too, are human. Being able to build that trust between you and your audience gives Live Video the number 1 spot in my Top 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses.

2) Stories

Stories are a huge part of social media now. Snapchat killed it with this concept of disappearing photos and in my opinion, Instagram mastered it. Utilizing stories to engage with your audience is one of the easiest ways to share your life with your followers. Whether it’s a quick update on what you’ve been up to lately or a video of you cooking eggs for breakfast. Stories have become a huge part of social media and proven to be a way to increase engagement. To get ideas on how to use stories to boost your engagement on social media follow me and stay tuned for my next few articles which will go over strategies to use with each one of these Top 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses.

3) DM’s

It goes Down in the DM!! DM’s are probably the most underrated social media growth tactics in my opinion. Using DM’s to contact your customers directly is game changing. Whether it’s DM’ing a customer that just posted a picture at your establishment or a picture of your product, DM’s are the best and most intimate way to connect with your audience one on one. Being able to connect on such an intimate level is crucial in building trust with your customers/clients. The amount of people not using DM’s to grow blows my mind and that’s why I’m writing another article dedicated to what goes Down In The DM! Stay tuned for that soon. Number 3 goes to The DM.


Yes we all know that posting is crucial to building an audience on social media platforms. It’s a given. In my opinion so is posting consistently, but apparently it is a huge factor in why your social media presence is not growing. Posting and being consistent is the biggest reason your online social media presence is not growing. Posting consistent content will 1 Allow your audience to be able to predict when your content will come out and therefore be on the look out for it in their feeds. And 2 Be excited to look for your new content and engage with it. Posting consistently is not hard regardless of what you think. This was put in the #4 position because that’s where I wanted it. So if you disagree with me on it’s positioning I understand:) An article on ways to post consistent and fresh content will be coming out shortly. Keep an eye out for it!

5) Engaging Your Audience

Do you take your audience to be your lawfully wedded wif- Errrrrrr No, not that type of engaging silly! We are talking about responding to comments and DM’s. Whether you’re a huge multi billion dollar company with millions of followers or a mom and pop shop with just a few thousand, you should be engaging with your audience. Followers are potential customers if they are not already and you need to treat them as if they are in your business. If they have a question…answer it!!! If they are just commenting to show appreciation of the post respond to them! Thank them, ask them what they like about it and why they like it. Same goes for negative comments. I’ve learned that you learn more from negative feedback than you do from positive. So when someone comments something negative, RESPOND and find out why they feel this way. I put this at #5 on my Top 5 Social Media Tips for Businesses because it was the last thing I thought of to be quite honest.

Now that you are armed with tips for growing your social media. Go out and use them!!

I know I’m going to get some of you that disagree with me on this and I know that. These Top 5 Social Media Tips for Business easily all could be number 1 tips! But when you’re putting a Top 5 list together you have to put them in order from 1–5 (funny how that works) they can’t all be number 1 on a Top 5 list:)

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you got value from it I hope you go out and implement the tips given. If you are looking for more daily tips you can join our Facebook group here where we will be giving out our best advice on social media.

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