We’ve updated Trading & Market-making bot — now it can build order books dynamically on Bit-Z and CoinDeal exchanges. Readme and download: https://github.com/Adamant-im/adamant-tradebot/releases/tag/v1.5.0

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Installation and set-up instructions.

ADAMANT is a crypto wallet as well, and we strive to make it the easiest wallet in crypto space. In the v2.8.0 Messenger update fees for Ethereum & ERC-20 transactions became lower.

We also refreshed the Buy & sell tokens dialog and fixed some bugs. The important one is iOS users can now use Copy to clipboard buttons.

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ADAMANT Messenger v2.8.0 release notes:

  • Fix copy to clipboard on iOS devices
  • Decrease Eth & ERC20 fees
  • Added Atomars exchange link

Every token owner wants its trading to go active. But due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, it is impossible — on many middle-sized exchanges, even top token have small or no real volume.

To fix the things, refer to the social rule: people trade tokens which are already actively trading. Crypto exchanges understand this and make fake trade volumes for well-known coins. But they don’t help small projects. Good news — now you can make market making by yourself using ADAMANT Trading and Market making bot.

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ADAMANT Trading and Market making bot is open source and free software, that allows running trades on crypto exchanges, make fake volume (wash trading) and build live-like dynamic order book. It runs on a server or virtual machine and managed right in ADAMANT Messenger chat.

To run a market making for your token, install and configure a bot.


ADAMANT Messenger

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