We have completely redesigned the program for working with the ADAMANT blockchain — Console or Command-line tool. Along with the JS API and Node’s API, the Console allows you to create accounts, send tokens and messages, and create delegates.

The Console can be used as a command line program, or run from other programs and scripts. The new version of the Console will appeal to developers as it can also be used as a NodeJS library.

The Console can decrypt messages and with its help you can create full-fledged applications, like messenger or 2FA on a blockchain.

See the documentation.

List of v2.0.0 release updates:

  • Full refactoring
  • Using adamant-api
  • Decrypt messages
  • Help on commands
  • Interactive mode
  • Include as JS library
  • Update dependencies
  • Bug fixes



ADAMANT Trade & Market-making bot — is a software that allows to run trades on crypto exchanges, make trade volume, maintain spread and liquidity, set price range, and build live-like dynamic order book. It’s free and open source.

Now v5.0.0 is available.


  • Install on your server/VPS
  • Initial fill order books
  • Dynamic order book building
  • Place buy and sell limit or market orders
  • Market making with 3 policies: spread, orderbook, optimal
  • Spread & liquidity maintenance
  • Price range setting
  • Arbitrage token price on other trade pairs or exchanges
  • Managed with your commands using ADAMANT Messenger

If this is not enough for you, we will finalize your bot upon request. We’ll add connectors for exchanges where your token is traded.

Website: https://marketmaking.app.



The Lisk team has improved its blockchain, introducing many improvements. We’ve rebuilt ADAMANT Messenger’s iOS app to support it. What’s important — transactions made with native Swift support.

We’ve also removed legacy KCS, BZ and RES wallets.

And we updated the libraries, refactored code — the application is now faster and more stable.

Download Messenger for iOS and leave a review 🚀

Release 2.2.0 list of changes:

  • Support for new Lisk blockchain
  • Remove BZ, KCS, RES wallets
  • Code refactoring & optimization
  • Bugfixes



ADAMANT Messenger

ADAMANT Messenger

The most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain