We made ADAMANT Bounty Bot specifically for cryptocurrency projects. It allows running bounty campaigns and airdrops interactively with automated payments.

  • Interactive and attractive. The bot is accessed via chat in ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Bounty campaigns in Twitter: following accounts and retweets with comments. User mentions in comments and hashtags.
  • Campaigns in ADAMANT: users bring other users to participate in a bounty campaign
  • Automated verification of completed tasks
  • Automated payments in ADM, ETH and ERC-20 tokens
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Free and open source
  • Stored statistics
  • Campaign notifications via Slack or ADAMANT for admins

We are planning to add support for other social networks. You can do it yourself, because the bot is open source. …

Install the decentralized messenger ADAMANT from Google Play.

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The messenger does not require any permissions — neither geolocation nor access to the address book.

If you want to read QR codes of account addresses or enable Push notifications, the application will ask for access to a camera and notifications.

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ADAMANT differs from other messengers. To figure it out faster, read How to start with a Blockchain Messenger.


Nick Barton

Blockchain as a passion.

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