Winners Wear Red
Andrew Zimmermann

Hmm, while these statistics don’t lie, it’s a little misleading to think that red will really give any *team* the winning edge… Most kids don’t get to choose their team colors; they go with what their school has chosen. How many would read this and despair, knowing they have a big game against a school who has a red team next week?

Never underestimate the power of self-suggestion…those of you who are creating this app should know that better than most!

While red players may stand out and attract attention and gain better scores from judges individually, blue players may show better communication and teamwork. An analysis of other color influences on psychology may be helpful for readers to gain deeper insight here.

As a final note, I appreciate your choice of red, particularly because you are focused on physical performance. Your branding and site texts are passionate, fired-up, and rooted in the power of the body. Whether or not one values the ancient Hindu wisdom of the Chakras, these things are self-evident. Rock that red all the way. ;)

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