An Open Letter to DC Comics about Your Shitty Movies…

Superman is Dead but hey fuck it he’s back a movie later

Dude, DC Comics, are you drunk or what? A “Justice League” (Avengers style) movie but with 3 characters with no backstory or movie of their own, great idea. So we can, you know, not give a shit. Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman shouldn’t be introduced in an ensemble movie either you tone-deaf money whores.

Between that and having Zack Snyder continue to direct your tent pole features, your studio feels like the disabled little brother to Marvel. Snyder makes very pretty but very shallow emotionless garbage. (He should be a Visual Effects guy, not your vision-leader/director)

Here’s the thing, I like Henry Cavill as Superman. I like Ben Affleck as Batman, even his gritty asshole version of him. But you should make a ‘Batman’ movie before you throw him vs Superman. It’s like you keep skipping the ground work and going right for the climax — and that — keeps ending up making a shit movie.

I would rather see a standalone Flash movie than “Justice League”. At least at this point. We’ve had zero time to acclimate or care about these characters or their desires. We know nothing about Batman - or this version of him - besides he tried to kill Superman and he’s grumpy.

The best developed character is Wonder Woman who at least got a whole movie with a story and stuff. But look at Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man both had what THREE movies? By the time they were in a team together and later on opposed to each other there were real stakes and emotions and conflicts. #SoMuchBackstory

Marvels’ movies are not particularly deep but they feel like fucking Shakespeare meets Requiem for a Dream, compared to any DC movie to date besides the Batman Trilogy w/ Nolan directing. You have great casting & actors, horrible directors, so-so writing and just a total lack of a cohesive vision or way to build fans. You just assume that the existing fans will just take what you put out.

We only need to look to the box office, or reviews, to support what I’m saying. Maybe you’re making enough money to continue. Maybe Justice League will be great, or at least fun, but frankly I doubt it. Maybe you should stop the train of awful that seems intent on chugging into oblivion…

The tone-deaf Snyder machine needs a new chief. Get Joss Whedon or Christopher Nolan, or fucking Darren Aronofsky (#HellaDark) to help craft a universe we give a shit about. /rant