“Why Skills Trump Passion in Quest for Real Estate Glory”

Be So Great They Can’t Ignore You!

“Follow your Real Estate passion is dangerous advice”

Ultimately you want to work a career that you’re passionate about, but letting your passion lead the way in real estate is dangerous for so many in the industry.

I know, I know we live in a follow your passion world that started in the 1970’s. It’s the BS we were raised on. Don’t get me wrong I’m a very passionate person.

Why is following my passion dangerous?

  1. The path to a great career is complicated.
  2. Follow your passion is overly simplistic.
  3. If you quickly leave your current opportunities for a passion real estate position, you may find your self without enough career capital to survive.
  4. Pre- existing passion doesn’t actually exist.
KEY: Don’t follow your passion, rather, let it follow you in your quest to become a great real estate Agent, Team Leader, Broker or Inside Sale Agent. My Favorite Steve Martin quote, “BE SO GOOD THAT THEY CAN”T IGNORE YOU”

Here is what I suggest you do instead.

  1. First develop skills in the real estate field on your current TEAM that are rare and valuable.
  2. Cultivate a craftsman’s mindset.
  3. Stay the course until better opportunities arise (don’t chase commission splits)
  4. Have the courage to demand what you want, but only AFTER you have acquired the skill necessary to demand such traits.

A great question to ask is…what is the real estate team skill you need (that you currently don’t have) that will allow you to ask for more autonomy, creativity, impact in current roles. What separates the elite from the average?

Example: So maybe you are an ISA (Inside Sale Agent) trying to become an Agent. Or, An Agent that is trying to become a Team Lead. Or a Team Lead that wants to open your own brokerage. You have to stop and ask, what’s the difference between each role and yourself. Like, the head Broker has more experience with managing other agents, marketing, producing leaders than you do, etc.

How do you acquire those skills?

Start being mentored, studying habits and traits. Reading more in that area of desired growth. I believe in experiential learning and finding a way to shadow others while getting hands dirty to be pushed and therefore learn ( Paid or not). Hiring coaches to pull you into that direction. Masterminds will help with fast tracks. This growth hack allowed me to help build a real estate team of 80 people and leading a way to National expansion.

Before you’re able to do the hard work necessary to improve your work life in real estate, you first must be motivated to do so.

Self Determination Theory say’s that in order to be motivated at work you must have.

  1. Autonomy: The feeling that you have control over your day.
  2. Competence: The feeling that you are good at what you do.
  3. Relatedness: The feeling of connection to other people.

This explains, for example why there are so many Agents in the world who are excellent at what they do, but also stressed, anxious, and unhappy. They generated career capital by becoming great solo agents. but instead of cashing it in to satisfy the needs that we know would make them happy, they instead bartered for increased prestige and commission splits. The strict demand of the top agent position saps their felling of autonomy, while their sense of relatedness dissipates with the late night work binges.

What is being a Real Estate Craftsman Leader?
Adopting the craftsman mindset means you ask yourself what value you can bring to your job position or to the world, rather than focusing on what value your job can offer you.

Focus on honing your skills like an apprentice.

Do the best work possible for the sake of doing the best work.

Don’t do the minimum necessary to not be released.

Seek to improve every single day.

“If you want to love what you do, abandon the passion mindset (what can the world offer me) and instead adopt the craftsman mindset (what can I offer the world)”

Why is this important?

By adopting the craftsman mindset, you will be able to improve your skills, which will give you more career capital. Then once you have career capital you will be able to cash it in for more autonomy, money, creativity, etc.

SHOW UP and give more and be more every single day. I know I keep talking about career capital. SO,

What is Career Capital?

Career capital is a set of tangentially related rare and valuable skills that, when you added up, can be leveraged for a better opportunity. In a simplistic way — this is your real estate resume: The totality of what you are good at and what you have done to prove yourself.

“You want to get to a point at which you have acquired enough career capital to gain meaningful control over your working life it is exactly that point when you’ve become valuable enough to your current teammates that they will try to prevent you from making the change”- Friends don’t let friends Broker hop.

Start a list as how you can build up enough career capital to cash in on desired role. Is it marketing, leadership, sales, real estate broker knowledge, coaching and mentoring? What is it?

When you make a commitment you have have to have deliberate practice.

It is the way in which you acquire new skills as quickly as possible.

Have a specific goal in mind.

Have a specific time allotted for this practice.

Eliminate all distractions.

Stretch yourself, your practice session/project should be difficult but not impossible.

You must receive immediate feedback on your work.

“Two core abilities for thriving in the new economy. 1. The ability to quickly master hard things. 2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed”

The law of financial viability will come into play.

Money is a neutral indicator of value. Anyone can tell you that your idea is great or of course you’re great and should make that leap. But, the true test is whatever someone is willing to pay you for your skill. If they aren’t willing to pay you, then you have more work to do to become good enough that they will or to attract it on your own.

Great Success in finding your passion through better craftsmanship and JUST DO IT!

It’s your Mission and your life!

Think small, act BIG. It’s in this of career capital and its role in the mission that we get our explanation for this opportunity. Advancing to the cutting edge in any field is active small thinking, requiring you to focus on narrow collections of subjects for a potential long time. Once you get to the cutting edge, however, and discover a mission in the adjacent possible, you must go after it with a brave hearted soul. A BIG ACTION.

The more you force it, I learned the less likely you're to succeed. True missions, it turns out, requires two things. First, you need career capital, Which requires patience. Second, you need to be scanning your always changing view of the possible in the real estate field, looking for the next big growth spurt/ideas. This requires dedication to brainstorming and exposure to new ideas. Combined, These two commitments which are not a series of steps that automatically spits out a Mission — it will get you on track.

I will say,

After repeating this structure for months (most of the time years like me) You will eventually come to find a very clear, concise and specific mission for your real estate career.

Lets connect! Yes, I would love to connect and help you achieve, anyway, I can. Select Homes Team Real Estate has been apart of closing over 5700 homes in the last seven years. — Adam Bailey



This message was inspired by the book, So Good They Can’t Ignore You — Cal Newport.