$.01 for your thoughts, ̶$̶1̶0̶0̶ $50 for your startup hypothesis.

At Liberty Ventures, we’ve been funding teams who do problem interviews and run experiments. We recently turned to trello to manage the experiments. We are so thrilled with how it’s working, we are opening it up to teams who are not part of our formal startup funding cohort.

No “high hurdle MVP” in this case, it’s really easy (UPDATE: for your mentor) to collect the bounty for your hypothesis. Just follow the instructions below. (NOTE: if you are planning on sharing this with a cohort of your own make sure you read this whole post).

If you follow directions and send us a proper hypothesis, we will pay you(r mentor and invest in your second hypothesis). No matter who you are. No matter your idea. All you need to do is copy the format correctly from 30 people who have submitted theirs already. Just ask Ape Inago, Joshua Schukman, Timothy Gaull, Sam Stowers, Meredith Collins, Robin Aletras, Danny Spitzberg, The Jay Beaver, John Sechrest, Rick Perreault.

If you get the format wrong, you will KNOW WHY and you will be allowed to try again as many times as you wish.

EXPERT TIP — Take a look at the COLUMN 3 for examples of proper formatting. They have all been paid. We have 7 PRE-MADE cards that put you in column 2, if we do not have PRE-MADE reason why your hypothesis is not ready for testing, we will send you the funds in less than a day.

DOUBLE EXPERT TIP (UPDATED MAY 2016) — Take a look at this specific hypothesis, if the format does not match up exactly, you will end up in column 2. Well done @shermanfarms.

TRIPLE EXPERT TIP (UPDATED JULY 2016) — After you submit your hypothesis below, LOOK AT THE BOARD TO MAKE SURE IT IS THERE. If it isn’t, there is a 99.99 chance you did something wrong (on the flip side, it also prevents you from submitting it twice. — if it is there twice, or if you ask us to look before you look and it is not there, we will still mentor you and give you feedback, but we won’t pay the $50)

HERE’s how you collect $50 for your hypothesis.

  1. Start by creating an email to the following address either by clicking on it or copying and pasting the address adamberk2+r98n12o9zczmdszzdx8j@boards.trello.com
  2. In the SUBJECT of the email write = “My <NAME> is, my <twitter handle> is, I saw this on MEDIUM.”
  3. In the BODY of the email write = “I believe that <N$> will prove that <N#> of <Y customer segment> (with whom I have completed and submitted <N> interviews) will take <A very specific action> within 3 weeks. This is my (1st, 2nd, Nth) experiment.
  4. Make sure you follow @deccelerator on twitter — if your hypothesis is correct it will land in column 3 and you will be asked to help someone in column 2. You will earn $100 and priceless experience creating a perfectly testable hypothesis.

As of July 2016 we are ONLY ABLE TO SEND FUNDS VIA PAYPAL. And we are only paying the mentors directly. There are no other tricks or criteria you must meet.

We HOPE your hypotheses will be genuine foundations of a startup, or that they fall within solving an unsolved problem in the world. We hope the numbers are submitted in good faith and in a thoughtful way consistent with leanstartup principles.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU IS AS FOLLOWS… IF a card ends up on this trello board in column 1 — we will read every single one, and move it to column 2, 3 or 4. If it lands in column 2 YOU WILL KNOW WHY (look for a longer post on this and why we dedicate this feature to Nate Allen). If it lands in column 3 or 4 you will be paid by PayPal. That’s it. We write the smallest checks in the business. But we are the most inclusive fund in the world by definition. Every single hypothesis is judged transparently and objectively.

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