Are (Chinese and other) ICOs Ethereum’s silk road?

Full disclaimer, I am bullish on ethereum, raising an ethereum fund for startup experimentation and telling people to NOT do their due diligence (but to read the post before you get too crazy).

Still bullish on ethereum even if ICOs are banned in China! They should be:)

ICOs are bad. There are definitely people using them the wrong way. But people need to understand that ICOs are not the value prop of Ethereum. Not entirely anyway. When China banned Facebook, shares did not fall 30%. Regulating ICOs is a good thing. Regulating ICOs in China is FINE for ethereum. Even if ETHEREUM was banned in China, I do not think it would warrant the 30% sell off.

So this is a short post to say, I am still bullish, I may be wrong but I am still bullish. Also looking to buy call options!

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