Do NOT do your own due diligence, buy one Ethereum coin instead!

Of course it is a clickbait headline, but writing about the jargon filled buzzword space right now requires one. Ethereum is currently trading at $414 (ATH on Thanksgiving) $370, $390 (August 31) $330 (Sept 5th). $302 (Sept 11th)

RECOMMENDED TRADE: Buy as much as you feel comfortable buying and set a stop loss order in GDAX for 279 right away. Spend a little time each day googling ethereum and reading about it on Medium. Avoid the deep forums. Watch for the TechCrunch disrupt talk on Sept 18th. Be aware of China (but I think eth just showed us it’s down side for a while) and be aware of Metropolis. Watch the price after the conference it should be testing ATH by then.

I think it was indeed the last day to ever buy ethereum below $300usd

I think ethereum is going to $500usd by October 1st and $1,000 by the end of the year. (posted in Sept 2017)

I think ethereum is going to $600 by EOY and $1000 by March (11/23/2017)

Here’s why I do NOT think it is irresponsible to tell folks to buy without doing their own research, regardless of what everyone writes in Reddit:)

  1. Buy your coins, as few as you want, on GDAX using a LIMIT order not a MARKET ORDER. You may have to chase it for an hour but you will get some.
  2. Once you have your coins, set a STOP LOSS ORDER for $299 or $340 depending on your risk tolerance. Then start learning as much as you can about why some really smart people out there think this has intrinsic value and it is not just a bubble. Stop loss orders can work against you, but since my headline is irresponsible, that is the best way to buy ethereum BEFORE you know anything about it:) The stop losses above would have been triggered, and you would have lost money. But you would have learned how this thing trades.
  3. Chinese ICOs should be banned. This was good news not bad news. It’s trading back to $350.

Purchasing ethereum will force you to do real due diligence rather than the other way around. Besides, let’s be honest, due diligence for the folks getting in to the market now consists of googling — and that will lead you to stories about hyped up ICOs (which is important but half the story at most)