I could not find a place to buy crypto currency options, so I created one.

As you may know I have been looking for a way to trade ethereum options — since I can’t find anything I am going to build a platform myself — here is the minimum viable product to test demand (reasonable orders will be filled).

If there is demand, paying premiums using eth is easy part of this equation, the riskiest part of this is making sure the seller holds and delivers — I am assuming we can make a smart contract for that which is one of the reasons I am interested in this project — of course coinbase could do this all themselves so I am not necessarily trying to start a new financial institution but again, I want to buy options myself, I want to see how I can apply leanstartup to a crypto idea, and I want to see if eth can actually work to create the smart contract guaranteeing that the seller of the option who gets a premium in their account right away in real time, will deliver — they have zero risk so trust is important. Stay tuned for more.

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