The smallest fund on earth!

Based on the incredible movie Brewsters millions, some behavioral economics inspired by Freakonomics, the writings of Dan Arielly, some prisoners dilemma, and built upon the science of leanstartup, I started a fund that makes unconventional investments in specific hypotheses and experiments. (I am also learning more about Martell Bets — I think we have been on a path of parallel discovery there — but all credit to what he has done already)

Here is how you can spend our money!

  1. You can spend it to test a hypothesis
  2. You can spend it on anything that exists only because of the hypothesis (not the lunch you were eating that day or the rent you have to pay anyway… variable costs only, but not all variable costs)
  3. You can spend it on travel, as long as the travel coincides with a specific learning objective Boone Bergsma spent it on gas
  4. You can spend it on code if you have already proven that people need the code
  5. You can spend up to $500 on paid traffic if you have interviewed 10 people that you are targeting
  6. You can spend it on a conference, kind of… but we would really prefer that you did not :)
  7. Just like Brewster, think in terms of buying LEARNING not ASSETS.

HERE’s a list of specific things you cannot spend our money on!

  1. You cannot pay someone to do something that you can do yourself. Ask Adam McGarity why
  2. You cannot pay for things like food and rent that exist whether the experiment exists or not
  3. You cannot use it to invest in inventory of more than 1 item until you prove you can pre sell one
  4. You cannot use it for a patent (but you can use it for a lawyer in certain circumstances)

did I miss anything Jonathan Kumar, Boone Bergsma (both of whom have been funded)

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