Cloud Certifications for Start Your Cloud Career in 2022

Cloud is everywhere and it is about time to start your learning journey

Cloud computing is everywhere, and many organization and trying to migrate their systems to the cloud. In addition, organizations are leveraging The cloud to reduce their operating cost of maintaining an on-premise server.

These organizations are looking for well-seasoned business cloud architects to help them migrate their systems into the cloud of their choice. These can be summarized as follows:

Lacking a clear strategy determined by business objectives

Cloud sprawl is caused by not having a clear understanding of the full scope of cloud environments

Exceeding the planned budget

Security weak points and failures of critical services

Human error and a lack of skills required to operate the new infrastructure

These challenges have driven the need for solution architects to help organizations with their migration journey. Below is a list of certifications that one can consider for honing their cloud computing skills

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect — Associate

The AWS Solutions Architect — The certification shows your proficiency in the basic technical concepts of AWS cloud engineering.

a. A multiple-choice exam that

b. tests the ability to deploy, manage, and use various services in AWS.

c. Cost: $150

d. Competencies tested: Compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services; deployment and management; basic architectural principles of building in AWS; global AWS infrastructure; network technologies in relation in AWS; among other subjects

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

The foundational certification for Azure involves the AZ-900 exam and is designed for those with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. It’s a solid certification to get you up to speed with fundamental Azure knowledge.

a. Cost: $99

b. Competencies tested: The differences between cloud services like IaaS and PaaS; benefits of using cloud services; core Azure services like virtual machines (VMs), containers, Kubernetes and database services; understanding of Azure core solutions and management tools; basic security, include network security; and other subjects

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Getting certified as a Google Associate Cloud Engineer will mean showing competency in basic aspects of working with Google Cloud. This includes setting up a cloud solution environment, managing storage and databases, and configuring access and security, among other things.

a. Cost: $125

b. What’s being tested: Setting up cloud solutions by creating projects, managing users in Cloud Identity, and managing billing configuration; planning and configuring compute resources, data storage options, and network resources; deploying Google Kubernetes Engine, applications; managing a virtual machine (VM); and more

IBM Certified Technical Advocate — Cloud v3

The IBM Certified Technical Advocate — Cloud v3 (formerly known as IBM Certified Solution Advisor) is the foundational certification for IBM cloud. If you work at a place that primarily designs solutions based on IBM cloud, or hope to do so in the future, this certification can make sense. There are several more advanced levels of IBM cloud certifications, like the IBM Certified Professional Architect — Cloud v5.

a. Cost: $200

b. What’s being tested: Understanding of cloud concepts; IBM Cloud components; architectural principles and patterns; networking and security; Cloud Native practices cloud deployment; among other things

Cloud Security Alliance: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

The CCSK is issued by the Cloud Security Alliance, a vendor neutral certification provider. This means that the things you learn from getting a certification can be applied to different cloud platforms. The CCSK focuses on the fundamentals of cloud security. There are other advanced certifications, like the CCSP from (ISC)2, that indicate a professional level of mastery of cloud security.

a. Cost: $395

b. What’s being tested: Cloud computing concepts and architecture; governance and enterprise risk management; legal issues and contracts; data security; virtualization and containers, etc.




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