Adam, I’m curious about your view of social media apps and their role in your daily life now, 7…
Nick Runyon

Nick Runyon — thanks for reading and asking. I would say that I’ve had mixed results since that experiment. In part because of jobs I’ve had over the last few years, it’s always been hard to consider really pulling back my FB usage. Managing accounts for work (and now starting up a new business), FB is one that is the hardest for me to stay away from and not get sucked back into hourly habits of checking. Twitter and Instagram, I feel I have a pretty well established and healthy boundary set — where I’m consciously checking in at specific times and not out of impulse or boredom. I’ve built a pretty manageable routine and workflow for saving articles to read later, setting up dedicated block of time to do it in bulk, rather than “death by a thousand paper cuts” spread throughout the day.

Having an overarching goal to read 40 books this year has definitely made the choice of how to spend time in the evenings and before bed much easier. Rather than needing to expend will power at night (when it’s already depleted from daily life), I am making a positive choice to make progress on the bigger goal. I’m looking for more ways to hack decision making in this way — rather than having to exert self discipline and will power, find a positive goal or habit that doesn’t require the same kind of decision making or mental energy.

I’d be curious to hear about your experiences with managing and setting boundaries with social media. Where do you feel the pain points now and what have you done in the past to be more intentional with your use?

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