Prism Lens Beta (v.2)

Assumption #1: Taking a screenshot is primarily a personal activity.

Most screenshots are taken with the intention of either (1) Keeping them as a visual bookmark or reminder or (2) Sharing privately via a messaging platform: WhatsApp, iMessage, FB Messenger etc.

A small percentage (<5%) are for sharing publicly via Twitter, Instagram etc.

This means that the experience of taking a screenshot on mobile should more closely mimic that of saving a bookmark (web) or saving a file (desktop).

Assumption #2: Organizing/searching for screenshots is a pain in the a**.

Assuming that Screenshots are primarily serving a need as a bookmark, they should be as easily searchable/accessible and organized like bookmarks.

Right now finding an old screenshot on the camera roll amidst all your photos and is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Good luck finding that screenshot you took of those cool new shoes you wanted to buy three weeks ago.

Assumption #3: Each screenshot has intent behind it.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario (other than accidentally taking a screenshot of your lock screen) where taking a screenshot doesn’t have some sort of intended use or action associated with it.

Wether it’s simply for a personal reminder (to buy flowers for your wife), or for quickly communicating an issue to your development team with your app. Each and every screenshot has some sort of intent behind it.

If we can start understanding the intent behind each screenshot, then we can begin to prescribe a useful course of action, wether it be to save, tag or share with some specific person or group.


With this next release, our primary goal is to simplify the process managing your screenshots so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the abyss of your phone’s camera roll.

Our secondary goal is to start laying the foundation for giving you better ways to take action on your screenshots, by better understanding the context behind each screenshot.

If we do it right, we’ll be one step closer in delivering on the promise of what ‘smarter screenshots’ can do.




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