Joseph Szala

Great points my friend. When you always tell the larger story about benefits, you run the risk of commoditization. Many start ups forget to talk about product benefits and focus on features, but in order to be able to talk about benefits without features and ensure your comms are effective, viewers must have some awareness of the features and how they might be exciting. Otherwise viewers will do one of the following:

  • Be interested enough in the benefits presented so that they take the time to learn about the features and potentially convert (happy path)
  • Not be interested in the benefits presented and not bother learning more….and not convert (sad path 1)
  • Be interested in the benefits but realize their needs are satisfied elsewhere and not bother to learn more about the features, as no real point of differentiation had been presented to get them excited…and not convert (sad path 2)

Two of three paths, as I have laid them out, are not happy! Don’t like them odds!