Adam Buhl: Benefits of Nationwide Security Alarms Home Automation

Automation and control systems help to create a safe and comfortable living environment. Please read on to discover the five main benefits that come with the installation of a smart home automation system. Adam Buhl, The founder of Nationwide Security Alarms is successfully running their home automation system app on smart phones for home and interactive security.

Smart Home Systems are Fun!

Automated home products are fun to use and share with others. Whether it is managing the home lighting system from your iPhone or managing your home entertainment system, you’ll find home automation surprisingly enjoyable. And when it comes to impressing the friends, you’ll be happy to show off your new found automated home products. With the broad selection of home automation products offered by Adam Buhl, you can control just about anything you wish in your home.

Home Automation & Control Systems are simple to use!

Once installed a home control system provides you with the ability to easily control all security, heating, lighting, and entertainment via an iPad, SmartPhone or PC.

Home Automation Systems are convenient

Here are some real examples how convenient to use this stuff is:

I’m not promoting sitting on the couch all day :-) but some people use their control and automation system to run simple scenes such as combining multiple commands to their TVs with instructions to dim lights in the room.

When going to bed at night, wouldn’t be useful to tap the ‘All Lights Off’ button on your smartphone or tablet. It is no longer necessary to walk around and switch off all switches in your home one at a time. Go for a run instead if you want to stay fit and use your automation system to stay lazy around the house :-)

What about setting up a scene every morning to ‘encourage’ the kids to get out of bed at a reasonable time by automatically turning on the lights in their rooms, combined with a little bit of background music!

With Home Automation systems it is very easy to assign a scene to a button on your smartphone and get your smart home to do pretty much anything!

Home Automation Systems improve Safety Levels

There are a bunch of safety benefits associated with installing home automation systems; namely:

Instant notification once an intruder steps onto your property — Most home automation controllers support alarm capabilities. Thus if you are on holidays or leave for a weekend, your Home Automation alarm system remains alert and guards your property 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If on the off-chance something happens such as an intruder breaks in or a fire starts than you, your neighbours, family or friends find out about this immediately via SMS text message, telephone or email notifications. As soon as you receive an alarm report from your Home Automation Controller, you can respond immediately so as not to waste any precious time.

View live video and store evidence on the cloud! — Home automation systems allow you to store IP camera images on a secure server, which may be used as evidence for the police — if required.

Trigger lights when the smoke alarm goes off — The best home automation systems nowadays allow you to turn all the lights on around the house when smoke is detected. Pretty important! Not possible with the traditional smoke alarms installed in millions of homes around the world — this is a really important safety aspect of home automation systems.

Activating lights as you approach your home — You’ll be surprised how much safer you’ll feel when you arrive home to a well lit property. Keyfob remotes and lots of smartphone Apps are available to a facilitate this safety feature.

Water flooding and Freezing problems — Certainly here in Rainy Ireland, we encounter lots of flooding and occasionally some sub-zero temperatures! Interfacing a flood sensor with your home automation controller will enable notifications to your smartphone of flooding events as they start to occur.

Save energy, stop standby consumption

A smart Home Automation system allows you to save money and even save the environment! If you’re like me and getting forgetful in my old age :-) than use an automation system to switch off equipment and lights that are turned on and drawing some power. I am worn out from asking/telling my kids to turn off rooms around the house!

To learn more and identify home control and automation solutions, please visit Adam Buhl.

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