A newsletter by Adam.

Happy Holidays Friends 🎄

It’s been a wild few weeks in my house. Emotional roller coasters super highs and even some lows for both me & Morgan. …

A newsletter by Adam.

Hi Friends!

This week has been challenging, yet rewarding! We launched our app Day Stats, I took some more L’s through negative feedback on the newsletter design, & never made it to the gym this week. I’ve been busy, I know it’s not an excuse… It’s just the…

A newsletter by Adam

YOOO Friends 👋

WOW, what a week… everything from building my first app to feeling down in the dumps about designing.

Take it away Mr. Whitten…

Weekly Recap

iOS Development
As I’ve told you guys before I’ve been trying to speak to developers from all walks of life to see exactly what…

A newsletter by Adam.

Hey There! 👋

I noticed someone else was using the name “A few things…” I thought it would just be better if I changed it. I actually kind of like this new name to be honest. It feels more personal. Agree?

Here we go!

Weekly Recap

Apple Watch
My girlfriend got me…

A newsletter by Adam

Well here we are people! I’ve said for almost a year now that I wanted to start a newsletter just to brain dump my ideas, thoughts, and opinions. If you’ve made it here by subscribing because I asked you to, thank you. If you’re here because…

Who: All Vistors
What: Buttons with underline vs. Buttons with a background color
When: Test has been running since October of 2018
Why: To increase product listing page views

This company is a shoe retailer based out of the United States of America. They were born in downtown Nashville, Tennessee…

This past year has been one of the best and worst years of my life. I won’t go into detail about exactly what has been going on, but I lost myself and found myself (and happiness) all along the way. …

Adam Whitten

UI UX Designer - websites and mobile apps, brand and visual communication, user experience design and user interface design.

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