Winston Churchill

Never let a Good Crisis go to Waste

We will need Obama and Hillary. The Sanders camp and lots of Progressives will want to throw Clinton under the bus, and we do need Progressives in positions of power and at the helm, but we need Obama and Clinton and the Democratic Establishment and the donor class too. They have the resources activist groups will need down the line, but they can’t be in charge. Somehow some sort of rapprochement has to occur, and, I think, those used to holding the reins on the Left will have to step back but not out, and those further to the left will have to cut down on the circular firing squads.

A strong Progressive agenda could do this. Free education. A national health-care plan. A jobs plan. Clean and safe drinking water, for every single American. The water issue alone could push Trump into a corner if it was really fought hard. It makes the direct connection between simple everyday welfare, across all classes, and protection of the environment. And the value and responsibility of Big Government.

A lot of what Sanders was pushing. And then, we have to go out and proselytize it, like he did, to the people who it can help, but will be skeptical of it. Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and all the organizations representing different peoples at risk or vulnerable, need to be brought in. Those two especially, they are and have been the front line.

We got here in part by ignoring the suffering of other citizens, and they voted for someone who took advantage of that void of compassion.

Now is the perfect time to think big. Climate Change. The Electoral College. Renewable Energy. Machine Learning, AI. Community Councils, Neighborhood Policing or other community-oriented approaches to law enforcement, a transparent government, a Voting Holiday, and Basic Income. Real skills, education, and jobs training for all Americans in all parts of the country. The world already changed and is changing more. Now’s a chance to change our politics and our country for the better.

As Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.