I am a nobody. (Acclamation?)

I am a nobody. 
But I can be myself.
(Whoever that is.)

Thanks for telling that joke about me.
Thanks for remembering my name when I order food from your truck.

I am a nobody.
Surrounded by somebody’s. 
People? Or Peoples?
Encompassed by the winds. 
I have to acclimate, acclimate, acclimate.

At the end of the night I just want to give up. 
Medication, medication, medication.

Got a job. 
Makin tips. 
But no more 30 second bong rips.

Ants are black. 
I step on you but you keep coming back. 
Acclimate, acclimate, acclimate.


My Mexican Coke bottle is empty.
I throw it in the trash. 
But want to break it. 
Over someone’s head.
Reputation, reputation, reputation.

You took me too a public place.
To quietly blend into.
I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself.
Sharpie markers.
Painted nails.
Fitted jeans to try to make me care. 
Long lost friend.
I’ll miss you forever. 
I hope you shine on
into unknown endeavors.
That take that bus.
And prove to us, you mean it. 
Left your casita,
Am I a señorita? 
Acclimate, acclimate, acclimate.

Mountain air, combs my hair. 
While tumbleweeds make me sneeze. 
The birds always sing,
To the wind song.
To celebrate the grace of having sons. 
Crush that cigarette, crush it again. 
Is my previous life coming to,
An end?

Tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed. 
What have you seen?
Besides dogs that bark, 
And run from their dreams. 
Do I have dreams?
Can they make me see? 
That I once was, 
Who I used to be. 
My head is filled with all these weeds. 
I cannot grasp, what I can’t see.

Jet airplane engines
Scream across the streams
Of air.
I cannot breathe. 
Cracked phone screen.
Make me bleed. 
My fucking brains out. 
Let me leave. 
For a century. 
To chase the bumblebees in trees. 
Tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed.

You brought me a queen.
Who’s confused, stressed and needs therapy. 
We make believe,
What we cannot see.
And sing to music in the dark.

My untied shoes,
Sing the blues.
While I run naked through a park. 
With good and bad news.

Minuscule clouds don’t hang around.
The nobody I’ve become to be. 
Take your medicine,
So you can break,
The bank and then some Frank.

They loved the beers but hated the cheers
Of Mexican men who mingle with guns. 
Sit and talk to me,
Let me explain. 

Take the stage
And masturbate, 
verbally into the crowd. 
Don’t hesitate,
To appreciate the locality 
Of the fine wine.

Eli, Eli.
You shine so bright!
You make me not want to fight. 
Let’s go drive fast,
Past the sign that used to not flash.
And sing among the lights.
When you read my mind.

Coffee spills happen, conveniently. 
But I know that I’ll have to, 
Fucking clean. 
When the knowledge kicks in. 
The 60 cigars, 
Will set right in.

Acclimation, Acclimation, Acclimation.