Building a Fashion Kit for Your Wedding Day

Even on your wedding day, fashion emergencies can and do happen. A snagged, torn or otherwise damaged dress can throw a monkey wrench in the day. Even a broken strap or heel on a shoe can delay the entire wedding ceremony. To avoid having these problems it is best to put together a fashion kit for the big day and have your most trusted bridesmaid or other reliable person hold onto it.

The first step in putting together a fashion kit is to list all of the things you will need to include in it. Some of the essentials include a mini sewing kit, extra backings for earrings, bobby pins, band aids, clear nail polish and super glue. These tools can help you repair a dress or pantyhose on the spot, and you should already have them on hand if you plan on maintaining your wedding dress without the help of a professional. The super glue is an essential item to have in case the heel on anyone’s shoe becomes loose or falls off. To make yours and your bridesmaids’ shoes more comfortable be sure to include sole inserts that will fit into a pair of high heels or whatever type of shoe you and your bridesmaids are wearing.

A laundry detergent/bleach pen can be used to clean stains in a hurry. You will also want to make sure your fashion kit includes white chalk and baby powder. In the event that you are not able to remove a stain from a dress you can at least conceal it until after the wedding is over.

To keep your face looking fresh and beautiful for the entire day, make sure to include Chap Stick, lip gloss and lip stick as well as oil blotting sheets, which will allow you to remove any excess shininess from your face due to sweat or other factors.

For your hair, include a small comb and brush in your fashion kit as well as a travel sized bottle of hairspray and the aforementioned bobby pins. Any last minute hairstyle fixes can easily be done with these items on hand. It also allows you to quickly fix messed up hair between the conclusion of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception.

It is important to ensure that when it comes to makeup for your wedding day that you only use makeup and skin care products you have previously used. Your wedding could go horribly wrong if you use something you never have before and then discover that you are allergic to it. Your wedding day makeup artist will be able to tell you exactly what you need to include in your fashion kit.

Your fashion kit should be a container with a handle that is easy to carry around the day of your wedding. It should be lightweight but durable and everything you need should fit comfortably into the kit. Cramming all of the needed items into a kit that is too small will just add to your wedding day stress. Your fashion kit is meant to help make the day easier.

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