Five Lessons In Betting That Changed My Life

“Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.”

This quote has been my foundation for my first ten years in the sports betting industry. During the past decade, I have learned more lessons than I could ever count. After some reflection, I have pinpointed five of them which stand out more than the rest and have changed me exponentially.

I share these lessons with you today in hopes that they change your life and betting career as much as they changed mine.

Saying No Is The Biggest Edge

In the start, my handicapping was a process of elimination. I would evaluate all of the games on the board and bet the ones which I thought were best. In turn, I was not confident in my staking and I let the markets play me.

Learning that my edge was in saying no allowed me to become very specific in what I wanted to bet. Bookmakers must set a price on every game, every day but bettors are never obliged to play.

Acceptance of the fact that passing on less than perfect opportunities is just as good as winning has allowed me to be the one playing the market and maximising my opportunities.

Sports Gambling Is Ever Lasting

I went through a phase when I started handicapping when I was obsessed with winning days, winning weeks and winning months. I became anchored to winning streaks and winning over certain time frames.

It was not until I lost a customer who bet $100 a game over $4,000 in a week by forcing bets to avoid settlement that I learned to fall in love with patience.

The value in gambling is the ability to earn over the course of a lifetime. Stepping back and putting emphasis on my life instead of a short time frame gives me clarity and drive when losing.

Public Percentages Are Blinding

This lesson was the most painful lesson to learn. I convinced myself public percentages were the secret to winning. I was all in and did not make a bet for a long time without checking consensus reports at multiple websites.

When I first started working for ASureWin, I was ecstatic to have a consensus report of my own to use to my advantage. Goldmine, right?


I quickly realised how much more goes on within markets and how inaccurate these percentages can be. Very rarely was the differential in straight bets indicative of how much money the house the house would profit.

Now, I refuse to look at any consensus reports and have a much clearer point of view because of it.

There Are No Style Points In Gambling

I went through a period where I did not bet any favourite above -120 (1.83) and almost exclusively played unders.

I did this because I believed in order to win, you had to go against the grain and make the difficult bet. The want to be sharp, or rather, the avoidance at all costs to make a bet I considered square was an extremely toxic, limiting mindset.

It took me a long time to begin to maximise by disregarding the price, team name or bet type. Searching for an edge and betting it with confidence in my process regardless of what the bet might say about me has been very rewarding.

Sports Betting Is Bettor vs. Bettor not Bettor vs. Bookmaker

I want this written on my tombstone. This lesson changed my life more than any other and will do the same for you.

In five years of working for two multi-million dollar betting operations as the head bookmaker, there was not one day where I created a market with the intention to target one particular player.

Bookmakers do not set trap lines. Bettors trap themselves with an inferior mindset. Bookmakers do not create reverse line movement to encourage action on one side. Bettors of influence manipulate the market to take advantage of weak bettors who can’t read markets.

Sports betting is a winner take all competition

It was not until I dedicated all my energy to being smarter than the bettor sitting next to me instead of the bookmaker on the other side of the counter that I felt like I was at a professional level.