As a web developer, I’ve built many custom themes for WordPress over the years. I’ve also done sporadic work on, debugged, optimized, and otherwise tinkered with countless other WordPress installs.

Having spent so much time learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress, I decided to put together a tutorial article that breaks down my typical “barebones” environment and approach to custom WordPress theme development.

One common misconception that many web designers have when first getting started with WordPress is that using a drag-and-drop editor plugin will somehow make things easier for them. I’m hoping to dispel that notion.

The template structure I’ll go into not only expands on the basic WordPress template structure but also includes a number of organizational methods that will make your code more scalable and flexible. …


Adam C. Hodson

I’ve been working in web development and SEO since about 2010. Currently a co-founder at Proper Noun, a web agency in Hollywood, FL.

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