Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

Shopping for a new bed is always exciting, regardless of whether it’s for a new home or just updating your furniture. There are so many options around with different features and configurations. It can get overwhelming if you don’t have any research beforehand.

And if you’re in a sexually active relationship? Shopping for a bed frame is even more stressful. Choosing a quiet bed frame for sex goes without saying, but it’s surprising how discerning you have to be just to pick the right one. Who would’ve imagined that shopping for a bed frame would be stressful?

Thankfully, the internet is full of resources you can use to arm yourself with information. Here are five things to consider when choosing a quiet bed frame for sex.

1. Wood or metal?

For ordinary buyers, the choice of wood or metal comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer metal for their durability, while others prefer wood for the aesthetic. Both are excellent choices if sleeping is all you do on your bed.

But for sexually active couples, the choice of material is fundamental. You cannot expect to pick a quiet bed frame for sex without thoroughly examining whether the frame is made of wood or metal.

What makes the material important? Here’s a simple answer: durability. Think about it: if you’re sexually active, you and your partner will end up challenging the bed frame a lot more than if you were merely using the bed for sleep. There will be a lot of movement, and the bed frame absorbs all of that.

Hardwood bed frames, like ones made of oak or birch, can take more of the stress than their softwood counterparts. As such, they can last longer, but will still eventually give way. If you want something that can take all the movement and still stay sturdy, metal is your best bet.

2. Frame Assembly

Picking the material for your bed frame is just the first step. To move forward, you need to think about how the frame is assembled. Is it pre-assembled, or do you need to put the parts together? Do the pieces just slot in or do they need to be tightened with tools?

Believe it or not, the bed frame assembly is a difficult choice if you’re sexually active especially if you live in an apartment. The ideal setup would be to have a metal frame already assembled, with each contact point welded in place. The structure will be unwieldy to carry and hard to move around, but you’re guaranteed to have no extra noise because everything is already welded in place.

If you must purchase a bed frame that still requires assembly, you need to take a few extra steps.

First, opt for ones that require screws or bolts for fastening. Do not be tempted to buy ones that have parts sliding in place, as convenient that may sound. Constant movement will cause those parts to loosen up and rub on each other, so you’ll end up with squeaking.

Second, get a second person to tighten the contact points for you. Even if you’re confident that you can secure every piece in place, have someone else check behind you. They can try to offer a bit more force for extra tightening, or they can check and make sure that you didn’t leave anything loose. If everything is secure, you lessen the risk of any extra noise.

3. How heavy is the frame?

You can already hear the sales pitch at the furniture store: “it’s so light, you can move everything yourself!” That’s good until you need to get your sexy time on.

Why is a lightweight frame not ideal for sexually active couples? Because it’s more susceptible to movement. Depending on your activities and motions, the entire bed structure (mattress, box spring if any, and frame) can move around. That’s not a situation you want to encounter if you need to be discreet because of people in other rooms, or if you’re in an apartment.

On the other hand, heavier frames are more resistant to movement. If you can’t push the assembled frame by yourself, then it won’t move during sex. Pair that up with a secure assembly, and you’ll have yourself a quiet bed frame.

4. Do you need a headboard and footboard?

If you’re one of those who prefer having a headboard and footboard attached to the frame, make sure you have a way of connecting them securely. Loose boards are another source of noise, either by squeaking or swaying. Just because it looks nice, doesn’t mean it’s practical for your use.

Also, make sure they’re placed far enough from the wall; you’ll never know if your headboard will accidentally hit the wall. Though if you have a heavy, sturdy bed frame, this shouldn’t happen at all.

5. How long is the warranty?

Even after all of your careful consideration and diligent assembling, a manufacturer’s defect can still happen. Perhaps the assembly points keep loosening up after a few weeks. Or that the frame squeaks ever so slightly. Regardless of what your reasoning is, make sure there’s a generous warranty to cover you for eventualities.

The most common warranty length is five years, though this varies according to the manufacturer. Always read the fine print; sometimes the 5-year warranty is a limited warranty. When in doubt, ask. And if you can’t find any information about their warranty, start searching for something else.

Final thoughts

Buying a quiet bed frame for sex can be exhausting. There are so many things to consider, and bringing up your expectations to a stranger (the salesperson) can be nerve-wracking. Most of the time, you’ll have to end up keeping a list of preferred qualities to yourself.

Fortunately, doing research ahead of time about different bed frames is an easy task to do. It might take a few hours of reading and cross-referencing, but your time investment will pay off dividends once you find the right bed frame.

The perfect bed frame should be a “set it and forget it” deal. Make sure that’s what you’re getting.

Adam Clapton runs and writes about home improvement, electronics, appliances, and everything we need for even more comfortable life.