Walmart Just Signed Up To Workplace by Facebook — here’s why that’s HUGE!

Workplace by Facebook has been gaining huge traction over the last few months and has seen many innovative companies signing up, including Spotify, Deliveroo and Heineken.

But the news that Walmart has signed up as a customer could be the watershed moment for the platform that takes Workplace from being the shiny new thing from Facebook to becoming the way we all do business.

Here’s why we think so:

1) Walmart is HUGE! And not just in terms of revenue. Walmart is, in fact, the largest private employer in the world with 2.3+million employees worldwide. So in the battle for collaboration and internal comms tools… Walmart is a Crown Jewels account to win…

2) The Ripple Effect — Their employee base is just the start. How long before their thousands of suppliers follow suit so they can collaborate in shared, closed multi-company groups? Imagine sharing videos of new designs as they’re being made and taking immediate feedback without long drawn out and prearranged meetings.

3) Genuine Community — from front line staff to central office, remote workers right up to the CEO, Workplace connects everyone in an organisation and creates a genuine community and feedback loop. A recent Workplace example is from Starbucks, where store managers posted on their Workplace group that they were getting huge requests for a new type of drink that wasn’t on their menu. This was seen by the product team who realised a famous Instagrammer had posted the drink that morning, hence the deluge of requests for it. Within 24 hrs it was on the official Starbucks menu. Pre- Workplace, this communication would have taken months to become effective — it if had taken place at all. Now those with decision making power can be totally connected to those with real time understanding on what is going on.

4) Familiarity — At Coolr, we have experienced first-hand the rapid adoption and engagement rates of people in companies using Workplace and a huge part of this comes down to the familiarity of the product and all its features. This can only be good news for Walmart whose staff will no doubt quickly adapt to the platform.

5) A new era of internal comms — people have been banging the drum for a long time about connecting colleagues by using social networks at work (or Enterprise Social Networks as they like to call them).. They had the right idea but it was the wrong time. The products just didn’t live up to the promise… until now. Facebook know how to ‘do’ social better than anyone else on the planet… They’ve spent over ten years refining and defining their product to a point that over two billion people use it on a regular basis… and Facebook are taking all these incredible learnings and placing them into companies via Workplace.

As official partners of Workplace with experience helping large and small organisations to plan, launch and adopt the platform we’re seeing huge success across all sectors — from hotel chains, to fashion retailers, media groups and food services. They all agree on one thing; Workplace is transforming and digitising their businesses from within. And it could do the same for you.

And although this is a watershed moment for the platform, it feels like it is just the beginning of a great journey ahead.

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Adam Clyne is Founder / CEO of Coolr; a partner of Workplace by Facebook helping organisations to plan, launch and harness the full potential of the platform.

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