“If the breadbasket is on the table — you’re going to eat bread”

I’ve just finished reading the most enjoyable book ever on nutrition and the psychology of eating.

I learned that we are influenced in ways that you could never imagine.

Take a look →

  1. Variety makes you eat more.

2. Putting a jar of sweets just six feet away from where you work is enough to make you change your mind about eating it.

3. Fat glasses make you underestimate how much you are drinking versus taller glasses.

4. We look for external cues to finish eating (like an empty plate) instead of listening to our stomachs.

5. If we don’t know how much we’ve eaten, we’ll eat nearly twice as much as if we have seen how much we’ve gone through (chicken wing bones).

6. Comfort foods are foods we like because we associate a particular feeling with that food. For instance, you might like popcorn and malteasers because every time you have it, you’re watching a film with your spouse.

7. The mindless margin is the zone where you slightly overeat/under eat without being aware of it (about 100 calories). You would notice if you only ate 1000 calories today, wouldn’t you? You’d be starving.

8. Instead of using the scales — which more often than not — makes you feel like crap, use these indicators: when you have to start wearing a belt, when you can see your cheekbones and when friends or colleagues ask you if you’ve lost weight.

9. Your stomach has 3 settings: “starving”, “could eat more” and “stuffed”.

10. The number of friends you eat with has a direct correlation to how much you eat. You can eat up to twice as much if you eat with 7 friends or more.

11. Restaurants use music to manipulate how long we stay or how short we stay while eating. They use soft relaxing music if they want you to stay (spend more) longer and use upbeat music if they want you in and out.

12. If you are the youngest of your siblings and you are presented with a treat, you will be inclined to devour that treat as fast as possible. Why? This is because you know there is a great chance that you’ll get last pick and be left with nothing at all. Contrary to this, if you’re oldest you’ll tend to be more relaxed and save it more often because you’re sure that treat is yours and there’ll be consequences otherwise.

13. The nutritional gatekeeper is the person who does the majority of the food shopping and cooking and has a pivotal role in dictating your level of health growing up.

14. Fast food restaurants like Subway have nutritional information on all their products and menu’s in an effort to make us feel better about the choices we make. In fact, this gives us a false sense of security and leads us to eat more.

Here are 3 small actionable but effective steps you can take right away to start eating better:

  1. Become the nutritional gatekeeper and educate yourself on nutrition
  2. Limit the amount of friends you go out to a meal with so you don’t overeat and become distracted in conversations
  3. Listen to your stomach instead of looking for cues like an empty bowl or plate to know when you’re done eating

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References: [1] Mindless Eating by Brain Wansink (2010)